Friday, November 12, 2010


When the Mac Venomous Villains collection came out I was in Michigan, and by the time I got to the store, everything was sold out.  So I thought I would skip this collection.  Then when I got back home, I found my mac counter had a few items left.

De-Vil eyeshadow, Bite of an Apple Blush, & Briar Rose Beauty Powder

I really like the De-Vil eyeshadow, especially for a fall/winter look.  I did not have anything as bright as the Bite Of An Apple Blush,  I was excited they finally gave us a beauty powder that we could actually see the color of.  

L - R De-Vil, Bite Of An Apple, Briar Rose
I have been using the De-vil in the crease with browns and purples.  The Bite Of An Apple I find to be a little dry feeling, but the color is really pretty. I love the sheen of the Briar Rose on the cheeks.

My CCO's have had nothing to brag about.  I went a couple of times and came out with these two.  Push the Edge pigment and Blossoming cream blush.  This is my first Mac cream blush and I love it.  I think I may prefer cream over powder blush because of the finish.  I am not of fan of pigments, but I just love purples, and this is a rich royal purple color I could not leave behind.

Top- Blossoming
Bottom- Push the Edge

I haven't been to get any of the Holiday collection.  I love palettes, but these Holiday palettes are nothing I want to jump into.  I do like the plaid though and the little bags, but not a fan of the Mac travel brushes.    

Are you a fan of pigments?  How do you apply them?  Have you gotten anything from the Mac Holiday Collection?

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I was so excited to get some products from the new Senna Cosmetics Fall/Winter collection.  It is called Virtual Vintage and it is really beautiful.  You have to look at the gorgeous photograph of their model and products.

I reviewed their products a couple months ago, and I really love them.  They feel amazing on the skin, face, and lips.  The colors in this collection are perfect for the fall, winter, and holidays.

 Top- Valentina (cream lipstick)
Bottom- Garnet (shear lipstick)

The Valentina is the most perfect red lip.  It is the old Hollywood, Marilyn Monroe red.  Garnet has these specks of gold that give so much dimension to the lip.  They feel so good and hydrating on.

Lush Lip Lacquer
Dusty Rose  Lip Liner

The Senna Lip Lacquers are so rich and pigmented.  The staying power is amazing.  It just stays on the lip.  The gold flecks just brighten the lip without it looking or feeling glittery.  Its got jojoba and Vitamin E that leaves your lips so soft.  

The lip liner glides on without feathering and I really like this color.  It is a good neutral shade that goes with so many lipsticks.

Swatches L- R
Garnet - Valentina - Lush -Dusty Rose

This is one of my favorites.  It is the mineral mix Buff and Brighten.  It leaves your skin looking dewy and silky.  It is not glittery, but it gives a sheen.  If you wear mineral makeup, you could mix some in, but I use as a finishing powder after my foundation.  I use matte foundations because of my oily skin, it this just brightens up my face.

The container has two parts.  The bottom is the finishing powder and the top is a highlighter.  It a white crystal soft powder that blends into the skin.  It does not look like you have glitter sitting on your cheeks like a lot of highlighters.

Eye Color

 Left- Fixation   Right- Blend  

Left - Blend  Right- Fixation
Their eye shadows are really pigmented, that is one swipe.  I have replaced my Mac Brule with Blend eye color.  I put blend all over the eye, and it just makes any eyeshadow bend out nicely.  They have so many color and finishes.  Take a look at the varieties and colors here.

 Sugar Lip Scrub
With all the weather changes, I have needed this scrub.  My lips have been peeling because I have been using a lot of matte lipsticks.  I just put a little on my lips at night and wipe it off.  It gets the dead skin off and makes my lips smooth.

Take a look at the Senna Cosmetics website.  See if there are some things you would like to try.  I want to get more of the lipsticks and lip lacquers.  They make my lips feel fuller and softer.  I also want to try some foundation because I love the Mineral Mix.

These poducts were provided to me.  I am not being paid.  These are my own opinions.

Have you tried anything from Senna?  

Saturday, November 6, 2010


This month I tried so many new products that I have loved.

- Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Foundation
- Maybelline Dream Matte Powder
- NYC Matte Powder Bronzer
- Mac Cream Blush Blossoming
- Mac Mineral Blush Gentle
- Mac e/s De-vil
- Senna e/s Blend
- Revlon Lipsticks Smoked Peach & Just Enough Buff
- Jordana Lip Pencil Nude
- Rimmel Max Volume Flash Mascara
- Essence of Beauty Blender Brush- for foundation
- Coastal Scents Large Shadow Brush - packs on the color fast
- Rock & Republic Crease Brush - Most favorite brush, it just blends out the color without effort

I am going to review a lot of these products.  A lot of these products are really affordable and work great.

What's your favorite product this month? 

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