Monday, August 31, 2009


I was watching the Today show this morning on anti aging solutions. The Korres eye cream was one of the picks.

Product Description
Korres Natural Products - Face Care - Evening Primrose Eye Cream Reduction of Fine Lines and Dark CirclesA velvety cream that shields and brightens up the eye area. Evening primrose, in combination with vitamin C, reduces the transepidermal loss of moisture and stimulates collagen synthesis, thus plumping fine lines. The synergistic action of vitamin K1 and Ruscus strengthens the venous walls and promotes blood microcirculation illuminating the under-eye area and gradually erasing dark circles. The natural sunscreen Zinc oxide prevents premature skin ageing, while diffusing a light whitening concealer-like effect. Contains: Evening primrose, vitamins K1, C, E, provitamin B5, Ruscus extract, Zinc oxide. Dermatologically tested. Mineral oil free. Silicone free. Enriched with active plant extract.
It isn't a concealer, but it is supposed to brighten purple under eye color.

Has anyone tried this? I have tried an under eye brightener, but after a few days, my eyes started to burn. I love the idea of the Korres products, but they are costly.

Does the all natural products irritate allergies because of the plant extracts? I asked at Sephora & received 2 different opinions.

What are your thoughts?

Sunday, August 30, 2009


COST: $10


Good for very dry skin
good price
generous amount of product

Concealer is very shear
Primer is very oily
Primer doesn't keep the face matte
Makeup slides off your face

I bought these 2 Mehron products at IMATS in Pasadena this summer. I am very disappointed with both. I read mixed reviews on them & was on the fence to order them. When I saw them for $10 each at the show, I thought it was a great opportunity to give them a shot. wanted the
I was really excited about the concealer wheel because I need major help with my dark circles. They're not from lack of sleep, but the horrible allergies. The concealer was so shear that it covered nothing, it just enhanced the blue. It felt oily too.

The primer was no better. A little went a long way, but it was still so oily. I put it under my makeup & within an hour my face was oily & shiny. I tried both once & now they're gone.

I am still using the Tarte Primer, which is pretty good. The concealer I have yet to find. If I put anything with SPF near my eyes, they swell up. It's been really bad the last couple of weeks with the wind & fires in California.

Do you have any good concealers to recommend? Anything by Mac with no SPF that covers well?

Saturday, August 29, 2009



I have had time to spend with my clipless or conical or Enzo Milano dupe curling iron. The curls really do come out beautiful. It's easy & fast. I watched a bunch of YT demo's for different curling ideas. The 2 things you need to do are to use your heat protector glove & use a heat protector for your hair. The iron gets super hot.

I bought it from Amazon. They have different sizes & shapes.

This is my hair from the side. I have long layers in the back. I don't hold my end on the iron because I'm afraid it will give me split ends, & I have enough of those. I don't hold the iron at the root either. i section off my hair & start 1-2 inches from the root.
This is a closer look.
This is what the curl looks like on medium 1 length hair.
The curl lasts a long time. More than 24hrs. for me. I do love it. As of now the other curling irons are put away.

What are your experiences with the curling iron? What is a really good heat protector? I'm not loving the Chi.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I was at my aunts for dinner, which was also FAB, but this was so GOOD & YUMMY!!! She made it fro scratch while we ate dinner.

Strawberries covered in Godiva Chocolate. Guess whose stem that was?
Apple strudel with dried cranberries & raisins
The best one was the grilled peaches topped with raspberry sorbet! It was hot & cold. The sorbet melted on top of the warm peach & made a sauce, too yummy!
I want to say I didn't eat them all, but I would be lying!!!

What's your favorite dessert?

Monday, August 24, 2009


I chose things that I really need & use to beautify myself daily.

These La Cross tweezers are a life saver. First because of my unruly thick eyebrows. I really need to tweeze everyday. My hair is so dark that it looks my brush shed on my eye if I don't tweeze the little hairs. Also great for those falsies.
This little brown comb is the best. It's under $2 at Sally's. I keep one in my purse, car, & bathroom. It's small & light-weight. It teases so good for big puffy hair & great for just coming out the hair without static or pulling.
Bobby pins, I use these everyday. I always pin my hair back or up when I'm getting ready or washing my face. On the days when the hair isn't working for me, I put it up or just tease the hair wild & pin it on the sides. Sexy, messy.
I use this Kabuki on a stick from Coastal Scents everyday for foundation, powder blush & bronzer. One brush covers my whole face routine.
I need eye drops everyday, even more 2-3x's a day. I have developed horrible allergies. I use this on anything on my eyes that I would use Fix+ for. I use to it to dampen my brush for eye shadows, eyeliner, & pigment. it doesn't irritate my eyes like a mixing medium does.
Those are my tools that I need. What is your product or tool you have to use everyday? Do a post like this & let me know. I want to see & find more great tools & ideas.

Saturday, August 22, 2009


COST: $7.50

STORE: Bath & Body Works

Cooling Mint
Heals chapped & peeling lips
Vitamin & mineral infused

Lip Balm is really soft so it goes fast

The C.O. Bigelow Lip Balm is the Only thing so far that has repaired my pealing lips. It's also great for chapped lips too. I noticed how dry my lips were when taking lip shots with my nude lippies for my blog. I tried brushing them, but it worked OK. I bought this a month ago, & have been using it every time I reach for a lippi from my purse.
I have the natural color with shimmer, but there are 2 others, dusty rose(made w/goji berry antioxidants) & a brown/nude color. The colors are very pigmented.
I use this alone or even on top of my lippies! I have tried it all, Blistex, Chapstick, Nivea, even the Dior lip Glow($28 later), but this has worked Great.
I have tried the other C.O. Bigelow lippies. They are cooling, but not moisturizing. This covers it all. Give a try.
They are having a promo buy 2 get 1 free now.
What other products are good at Bath & body? I saw a clay face wash, is that good? Any other great lip products to tr?

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


COST: $38

STORE: Sephora

Very pigmented
9 colors for around $4/shadow
Great for travel
All range of colors for every look

Very soft shadows can easily be chipped

I think this may be my most pictured palette & I still haven't reviewed it! I have taken this with me on every trip, & honestly this may be the only colors you'll need to take if traveling. I always take way too many things. Love the packaging, pretty & small.
Look at how much I've used them, they're all dented. The darkest brown, green, & blue can be used as eyeliners also. You can achieve any look with this. I have been using the 2 browns for a bronze look & the light purple is a favorite for night. All the colors are really wearable.
These swatches are swiped only 1x. The shadows are bigger than Mac & you only need a little to go a long way! This palette will last. The shadows are so pigmented you can use any brush to apply them.
I guess you can tell by my gushing I love this product. If you're not sure just stop by Sephora for a swipe. I think you'll fall in love too.
Do you have this palette? What other products are good by the Balm? What's another great multi colored palette to have?

Saturday, August 15, 2009


I love Mac products because I think they're quality products at a reasonable price. These are the products I use almost daily. Just a few suggestions of my currents loves.

Mythology eye shadow- I have been using this to blend out my crease or crease corner. It looks good with every color browns, blues, purples.
Painterly Paint Pot- Evens out the lid w/out putting on any color.
Angel lipstick- Looks good alone or w/gloss & w/ a smokey eyes
X-Rocks blush- perfect mauve/brown for my skin & blends great
Love Nectar Lusterglass- for the JLo pout & perfect for summer bronze
Tempting & Next to Nothing Lid color & highlight
Tempting quad- Stays in my bag because I can use my finger to put it on the colors are so smooth.
What is your Mac favorite? I need some new ideas of what is a good next product from Mac?

Friday, August 14, 2009


This week has been full of celebrity news & gossip.

1. I just read that Jon(kate + 8) called police on Kate because she wanted to get into their home & he wouldn't let her. When 1 parent is there the other is not allowed. Kate was pissed & showed up because the "nanny" Jon hired & is hooking up with was on duty, & Kate flipped.

Dear Jon,
I can not wait until your kids are old enough to google you & find out what a 2 timing loser, who called the police on their mom & is dating 3 girls at the same time you have become. Kate may be a nut, but show some discretion. You've gone too far!

2. Kortney Kardashian is preggers with her 2timing boyfriend. Wow! I thought she was the level headed one. How long before he's lying & cheating & heading out the door?

3.John Edwards to announce he is the baby daddy to the mistress's baby. Good job John, & how is your wife, you know the one who has terminal cancer?

4. Jessica Simpson is sauced up every night over her break up, or did she break up because she was sauced up all the time?

5. Kim Kardashian is a beautiful blonde now. That's right Kim, there's nothing that gets to a man after a break up than looking like a bombshell!

6. Heid's Playboy shoot photos released. I am so tired of these 2 Heidi & Spencer! I see her with less clothes in Us magazine. Boring!!!!

I don't even think that was a full week of news, maybe a couple of days! What have you heard? What do you think of Jon now?I thought he was dealing with a psycho, but he's right up their!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


We talk about beauty & makeup a lot. I love it here in the bloggy world.

What I want to talk about today is what is beautiful about you/me, not the makeup stuff. I think we all feel not so beautiful sometime or a lot. I try to think about the stuff I have inside to keep me strong when I feel this way.

When I'm down in the dumps I think about the strength I give to my friends & family when they don't have it themselves. Making someone smile when they're crying inside & out makes me smile & instantly feel happy about me. Even with the hair in a bun, pimples on the face, & PJ's on I am Beautiful.
Am I nuts?
What makes you feel beautiful? I would love to be inspired by you when I can't inspire myself!! Or maybe our ideas/stories can make someone smile today.

Love you guys xoxo

Sunday, August 9, 2009


Mac brushes are really wonderful. They are a bit pricey, but I try to get them when I can. I always end up spending on the collections because they're are so many. This gives little $$$ for the brushes.

TOP-BOTTOM Mac 187se, 190se, 224se, 217, 252se

I use these everyday. I think a brush is versatile. Play around to see the effects each brush has.

This how I use my brushes:

187 brush: foundation application, bronzer & bright colored brushes go on light & not intense color in one spot.

190 brush: foundation & I use it for concealer under the eye. It pats the concealer on without wiping it away

117 & 224: all over eyes application, crease application, really blends the color out to make everything look smooth. Sometimes I use the 117 for concealer also. It's soft & gently blends the concealer

252: Highlight application all over eye color & eyeliner.

How do you use your brushes? What's your favorite brush & brand? What Mac brush is a good one to get next?

Saturday, August 8, 2009


I feel like I've been gone all of July. Summer is flying by! These are the products I have been using most this month for evenings out & while traveling.

Mac Next to Nothing (highlight) & Tempting (use this everyday w/liquid liner)
Walgreens $2 Fabuliner- Doesn't budge all day & very black
Mac So Ceylon MSF (bronzer & blush)

Revlon Colorstay Foundation Warm Golden 310 (stays put all day & no transfers)
Tarte Clean Face Primer (got this as a sample, keeps my skin matte not shiny)
Mac Viva Glam V (love this, but Viva Glams dry out my lips)
These have been my go-to products this summer. What is your go-to summer product? What do you think of the Viva Glam?

Thursday, August 6, 2009


I feel like I haven't been around forever. I have been away for the last 21/2 weeks. I did a lot of post before I left that have been going up. Well I am back now!

Thanks for all the great comments & suggestions. You're all so sweet. I have so much catching up to do. My camera is full of photos & as soon as I get them off I'll be back with some reviews & news.

Do have an suggestions on what you want to see or any reviews?

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