Friday, August 14, 2009


This week has been full of celebrity news & gossip.

1. I just read that Jon(kate + 8) called police on Kate because she wanted to get into their home & he wouldn't let her. When 1 parent is there the other is not allowed. Kate was pissed & showed up because the "nanny" Jon hired & is hooking up with was on duty, & Kate flipped.

Dear Jon,
I can not wait until your kids are old enough to google you & find out what a 2 timing loser, who called the police on their mom & is dating 3 girls at the same time you have become. Kate may be a nut, but show some discretion. You've gone too far!

2. Kortney Kardashian is preggers with her 2timing boyfriend. Wow! I thought she was the level headed one. How long before he's lying & cheating & heading out the door?

3.John Edwards to announce he is the baby daddy to the mistress's baby. Good job John, & how is your wife, you know the one who has terminal cancer?

4. Jessica Simpson is sauced up every night over her break up, or did she break up because she was sauced up all the time?

5. Kim Kardashian is a beautiful blonde now. That's right Kim, there's nothing that gets to a man after a break up than looking like a bombshell!

6. Heid's Playboy shoot photos released. I am so tired of these 2 Heidi & Spencer! I see her with less clothes in Us magazine. Boring!!!!

I don't even think that was a full week of news, maybe a couple of days! What have you heard? What do you think of Jon now?I thought he was dealing with a psycho, but he's right up their!


KRYSTAL said...

I HATE JON!!! ugh! i am now on team kate! lol. love all the news hun!! this was such an interesting post!! lol i hope u post up more of these kind of posts.. i cannot believe that kourtney's baby daddy is her ex bf!! ughh i hate him!

Iyah said...

Wow.. I'm such a loser coz I don't know who jon& Kate are :(

Anonymous said...

me neither Iyah! I dunno if we have it on telly over here in the UK :p xx

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