Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Mac Tempting!   It's my go to eyeshadow.   I love that it  gives a pretty soft smokey eye.  It's an easy look, all over the lid with a black liner and mascara.  The glitter is really soft, more like a shimmer, so it's not like you're looking like a disco ball at the grocery store or bank.   It's a color I can wear for a day or night look.

What's your favorite eyeshadow or go to eyeshadow color?  Brown, blue, purple...?

Monday, March 29, 2010


E.L.F.  Master Makeup collection $40 (I waited for 70%off)

141 Pc Master Includes:
  84  eyeshadow shades
  36  lip gloss shades
  6  blush shades
  4  concealers
  4  shimmer cream shades
  4  bronzer shades
  1  face brush
  1  lip brush
  1  duo eyeshadow applicator

I give myself challenges.  My next challenge is to take this large E.L.F. kit and use it for a week, and only this.  You know what drew me to this palette?  All the colors look like great dupes for the new Mac Collections that have out...

Right side Blush/lips/eye shadow

Center bronzer/contour/ concealer

Left eyeshadow/lips/blush 

A few swatches - which are a little powdery, but very pigmented

If I could use only this Kit, then I'm going to take only this on my trip with me.  It would be so easy  to pack and I have tons of colors to choose from.  More than I would if I brought my more expensive makeup, and blush, concealer, contour,  and lips included in 1 closed package.

Do you think I can do it?  Have you tried one of these kits?  What do you think of E.L.F. Studio Line?

Saturday, March 27, 2010

NEW COVER GIRL Clean Foundation & Ultimate Finish Foundation

I did a blog post review on the Revlon Photo Ready & Maybelline Superstay  foundations.  The beautiful Becky, from Everyday Makeup by Becky, suggested the New CoverGirl Clean foundation for me to try.
I also saw this Ultimate Finish Foundation that is supposed to be a concealer, foundation, and powder finish in one.  It reminded me of the Mac one, so I thought it would be easy to use.

Initial thoughts are awesome for the New Clean foundation and 50/50 on the Ultimate finish.

So expect a full review, but I know that this week at CVS and Rite-Aid the Clean line is $4.  What a great price.  I tried the old formula, which was watery & scented, this is different, way better.  Make sure you get the new bottle because the old one is still out there.

Ok, I have always walked past CoverGirl for too long, what should I try?  What about the Clean Powder?

Friday, March 26, 2010

OOTD/Date Night

This is an easy go to outfit for me.  All I do is change the shirt to dress it up or down.  I even wore a plain tank and put on some long pearls before, and it looked great.  

This whole outfit is from Forever 21, & it was a great price too.

Blazer: Found Here
Jeans: Found Here

I have been hearing some mixed feelings about Forever 21 lately, but I do still love it. I can buy a new outfit to make myself feel good without breaking the bank. 

How do you feel about Forever 21?  Do you shop high end or as I call it affordable chic? 

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

DOLLAR STORE HAUL-great bargains

I was at the $1 store today and they had a bunch of great finds!  

I watched LisaLisaD1 on Youtube, she's so super sweet, and she was talking about Sally Hansen at the dollar tree.  I went to my closest one and found them and a bunch of other goodies too.  They had 5 different colors in the Sally Hansen's, but I thought these would be good alone or together.  

Top-Ginger  Bottom- Orchid

These are called Lacquer Shine and they are so pigmented and glossy.  When you put it on they really just plump up your lips.  They have these very fine glitter or shimmers, but it doesn't feel gritty at all.  It's more of a lipstick with a gloss in one, but not shear where it bleeds all over your mouth.

I bought a Lucky Brand necklace at Macy's a couple weeks back, & it looks so much like these 2 necklaces that were just a $1 each.  I was a little mad I spent so much.  Left is gold & the right is silver.  I thought they would look pretty and delicate because I'm usually wearing the long stuff.

Finally, all these little goodies.  they always have the cleansing strips and they are really good for blackheads & 3 come in a box.  I got the mini manicure set for my travel bags, because I always forget to pack it.  What I was really excited about is the dial up self tanner from Banana boat.  I use the Aveeno dial up color one that's $13, but guess what I'll be getting if this works as good.  I could buy 13 for the price of my one.
They had a bunch of good things.  Tons of lashes, & lash glue, Con-Air rollers & hair tools, Goody hair accessories, Wet n Wild, Revlon have to go and see what yours has.  What made me really mad is that I just bought tanning lotions at Big Lots for $4 and they had all of them for $1.  Coppertone, banana Boat, ones for babies, Hawaiin Tropic.

Have you been to your $1 store?  What's your best find?

Sunday, March 21, 2010


I talked about how much I love the Illuminasqua lipstick in Test, but not really the price, $20.  I went on a hunt for a cheaper version and found another matte I love.  Revlon matte lipstick in Mauve It Over.  I also picked up a N.Y.C. lipstick in Blossom.  

The N.Y.C. Lipstick is pretty too, and $1.  It's glossy, which isn't a favorite, but the color reminded me of Mac Radicio Lipstick.  I liked it, but thought it was too shear for me, but for $1, I'll take it!

I really like the Revlon mattes.  This one in Mauve It Over is really pretty.  It doesn't make your lips dry or look dry either.  

Top - Bottom  N.Y.C. Blossom, Revlon Matte Mauve it Over, Illumiasqua Test

I have been trying to stay away from the nudes.  I want something new and fresh, so I'm going for deeper colors.  I really love the Mattes too, great staying power.

What is your favorite lipstick shade and formula?  What's the perfect pink/mauve?

Saturday, March 20, 2010


It's that time of year when Big Lot gets its Drugstore shipment and they sell it 50-70% off.  They had tons of products.  I picked up a few things last week, but have to go see what other things I find.

We are planning a trip, so I foud this new travel makeup bag-$8.00 after discount...

I have a pretty zebra print travel case, but its a tall square one, this is flatter.  I wanted to see which I like better, or takes up less room.  It's plastic, which makes it easy to clean.  The bag came with 2 travel containers.

All of these were 1/2 off too.  $2/nail polish, $3 Rimmel foundation, which I got darker in case I get some color on my face, $5 Loreal blush, which I love and have to do a good review and swatch of.

If you have a Big Lots around you, it's a good time to go see what they have.  There were thing s I wanted to try from the drugstore, but didn't really want to pay full price for, so I'm going to get them to try.

What products have you bought that you really liked, but thought you would hate?

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Shiseido Eyelash Curler-better than SHU Uemura eels curler

I had the Shiseido eyelash curler first, then jumped on the Shu Uemura eyelash curler bandwagon.  I should have stuck with my first impulse, Shiseido.  They are both $19, but the Shiseido eyelash curler is much better.

I have stubborn lashes that won't stay curled. Shiseido curls and keeps them that way.  Simple, it does is job. 
The Shu Uemura curls, but the curl does not last.  The worst part, it broke, $19 & it broke.  The spring got loose and snapped.

I really don't want to spend $20 on another eyelash curler, what is your favorite affordable eyelash curler?

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Since I cheated on my stylist and started doing my color at home, I thought this brush/color bottle would be easy and less messy.

Well, it was the stupidest thing I bought. 

It $4.50 at Sally's, which OK didn't kill me, but it doesn't work.  The bristles on the brush don't separate or even comb the hair.  That pick/separator just broke off and flew across the floor. The bottle is too big too.  I use 2  bottles of color, & it was hard to squeeze the product out.

I put the color in, flipped it over and nothing, a splatter of color blobbed on my head. I put the color back in the original bottle and tossed this right in the trash.

I was hoping for a comb color bottle, like Loreal has. 

What do you use to put the color in without a mess?  Are there any other bottles or products that comb in the color?  Tips? 

Saturday, March 13, 2010


I am on the hunt for a setting powder.  I have the Mac Studio Fix powder, but it's so, so.  I bought the Maybelline Dream Matte powder on a BoGO, and really don't like it at all.

-No coverage at all
-Doesn't mattify the face
-Looks shiny which turns out to look oily, then be oily
-Doesn't apply evenly
-Very powdery, powder everywhere when you put a brush into it

So, I am back on the hunt.  I really think powder is one of those things you could find in a drugstore brand.  I want something that could be a setting powder with a light hand or just a powder foundation with the right brush.  

Any thoughts or suggestions?  

What's are your is your drugstore product that you will never buy high end?

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I've been waiting for a Wet n Wild BOGO because I have become obsessed with the idea that the new 6 Wet n Wild icon palettes are dupes for the Mac Colour Forecast Quads!




This is the one I want because I bought the Colour Forecast 3

What do you think,  am I close?  I actually love what the whole Wet n Wild line looks like.  

Have you tried or swatched these?  How are they?  What about the Matte Lipsticks? 

Sunday, March 7, 2010


I think if you have the right foundation, your makeup looks great every time.  I have been using  Revlon Colorstay forever, but I decided to stray.
Revlon PhotoReady and Maybelline 24 Hr. Super Stay are the newest ones I've tried. They are very different, except that they are both long wearing and great drugstore foundations

Revlon PhotoReady- $13.99 This foundation is supposed to be our answer to HD drugstore foundation.
I think it's better than MUFE HD, goes on better    
Easy to blend                                                                
Med- full coverage without looking caked on
No smell
Great pump(I wonder if I could reuse the bottle?)
Great for oily skin/No breakouts
Not good for pictures, gives a white cast on the face
Glitter in the foundation can be seen, especially in light/sunlight
Glitter is still visible if you don't clean skin good
Hard to shake the foundation, it separates(look at picture)

Maybelline 24hr. Super Stay- $10.99 This foundation promises 24 Hr. no transfer, flexible, heat & sweat resistant.  Made for all skin types
Comparable to Nars Sheer Glow
Satin Finish
Feels like you have a built in primer
Good color choices
Medium Coverage
Long Lasting
Makes the skin look light/luminous
Great for dry skin
If you have oily skin this will break you out/feels greasy
Bottle pours fast/waisting product
Does not last more than 6 hours
Not sweat or heat resistant
Foundation doesn't sink into the skin easily

The reason I reviewed these together is because they are both really good, but the complete opposites.
I love the Maybelline Super Stay better because it makes my skin look great.  The problem is that I have oily skin and a super oily T-zone and it broke me out. I think it has a primer built in making it feel greasy. The PhotoReady is matte, long lasting, and stays put on the T-zone, but the glitter drives me nuts.  It's not chunky, but it's there.
When I'm going out and want to look glowing, but take nice pictures, I use the Maybelline Super Fit.  For everyday it's the PhotoReady or Colorstay.

What is your experience?  Your favorite foundation/drugstore foundation?

Friday, March 5, 2010

One of My Scariest Days- Bomb Threat

On Wednesday morning, I got a call from my daughters school saying there was a bomb threat, the school is on lockdown and to wait for further instructions!!!

WHATTTTTT!   I froze!  I got sick!  I have 2 girls and they are in separate schools, so I got in my car & drove to see which school it was, and saw that it was the high school.  I text my daughter and called, no answer. I drove back home, waited, but no phone calls, and went back to drive by the school.  Now it was worse the bomb squad arrived. There was police, fire, paramedics, news, helicopters.  My life went into slow motion. I started crying, all I could think of was Columbine!

We were instructed to go the strip mall and wait for a briefing.  We were told our kids would be escorted to meet us.  It was the strangest scene. There were tons of parents lined up and time just stood still in silence.  Finally after 2 hours, my daughter called, told me she is on her way to meet me, and asked what should she do if something happened.  I told her to run if she hears shots if she can, hide or just get down.
How do you tell your kid that? What do you say when there is a potential bomb or maybe a shooter?

The day before, on Tuesday, a boy threatened a group of kids that they will meet God tomorrow.  These kids told a teacher and the next morning he was called in to the principals office.  When they asked to talk to him, he ran and was cornered in the library. Guess who was just evacuated from there, my daughter.  In his bag he had what looked like 2 grenades & a bomb.

He was arrested and taken away, but the stories that unfolded afterwards were even more frightening:
1. Students told stories of being threatened by him.  He told them he was going to cut their throat because they were jewish.
2. He said he felt connected to Hitler and his cause.
3. He wrote movies and plays for school about blowing the school up.
4. He came to school some days as the joker from Batman or dressed in Military uniforms.
5. He has movies on Youtube about shooting & war & blowing things up.
6. He told students he was bringing a ak 47 to school.
7. He was arrested for a possible terrorist act.
8. Was suspended for threatening to do something 2 weeks ago.
and on and on...

Now how the Hell was this kid allowed to walk the halls of school?

How could the schools let these kids, who publicly express crime, hate and murder be allowed at school?
Our school has a no tolerance bullying act, WHATTT, but we let people who could be potential murders in!
Why didn't they listen to all the complaints others made about him?
Do you know when they say there were no signs, or they missed the signs?  I think they didn't want to do anything about what they knew!!  I know he has problems, and I'm sorry for his family, but I need to protect mine.  I don't know of anyone in the real world that could say these things and it be normal.

How do we protect our children?  What do you say for them to do if someone starts shooting?  We teach them about fires, earthquakes, strangers.  What should I tell my girls because it seems that our school thinks it's OK for these people to walk along with my kids?

You don't think it's going to be you, but it was....

Thursday, March 4, 2010


Buy 5(.99) get 1 free offer
I was paying at Sally's Beauty Supply and of course they have all the little samples for us to buy. I think I bought a really bright pink Sally Girl nail polish before and that showed up, out of these the only one you could see is the dark purple one.  If you were to paint your nails with the others, you would use up the whole bottle for one polish application. You can't even use this as a sample because this is the only size.  So, I would skip on these and buy a OPI or China Glaze, more bang for your money!  These are good for travel, if your going for a short time.

What's your current favorite polish color? Or your all time classic color?

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I made a quick run to Sephora for my MUFE Smoky Lash mascara, which I still love, & came across what could be an expensive new love, Illuminasqua lipsticks($20).  The color I got is in Test.

The lipsticks are really pigmented, soft, creamy, & matte.  Now when I think of matte, I think this is going to be drying, but it really isn't.  It's not drying at all.  Besides being pigmented, the color is very long lasting.  More so than the Mac Lipsticks, gasp!

They have a huge color range from Reds-Nudes.  But...1 downfall is that they are really soft, like the Mac cremesheen, & they tilt to 1 side.
What I did discover, is that my Boots No7 Stay Perfect Lipstick formula is pretty similar at a1/3  the price.  So, I think a trip to Target or CVS for Boots is in order to see what other colors I like.

I have Revlon Matte Lipsticks in Nude, what colors are pretty that are more pigmented?  Have you tried the Illuminasqua products?  Which are your faves?
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