Friday, March 5, 2010

One of My Scariest Days- Bomb Threat

On Wednesday morning, I got a call from my daughters school saying there was a bomb threat, the school is on lockdown and to wait for further instructions!!!

WHATTTTTT!   I froze!  I got sick!  I have 2 girls and they are in separate schools, so I got in my car & drove to see which school it was, and saw that it was the high school.  I text my daughter and called, no answer. I drove back home, waited, but no phone calls, and went back to drive by the school.  Now it was worse the bomb squad arrived. There was police, fire, paramedics, news, helicopters.  My life went into slow motion. I started crying, all I could think of was Columbine!

We were instructed to go the strip mall and wait for a briefing.  We were told our kids would be escorted to meet us.  It was the strangest scene. There were tons of parents lined up and time just stood still in silence.  Finally after 2 hours, my daughter called, told me she is on her way to meet me, and asked what should she do if something happened.  I told her to run if she hears shots if she can, hide or just get down.
How do you tell your kid that? What do you say when there is a potential bomb or maybe a shooter?

The day before, on Tuesday, a boy threatened a group of kids that they will meet God tomorrow.  These kids told a teacher and the next morning he was called in to the principals office.  When they asked to talk to him, he ran and was cornered in the library. Guess who was just evacuated from there, my daughter.  In his bag he had what looked like 2 grenades & a bomb.

He was arrested and taken away, but the stories that unfolded afterwards were even more frightening:
1. Students told stories of being threatened by him.  He told them he was going to cut their throat because they were jewish.
2. He said he felt connected to Hitler and his cause.
3. He wrote movies and plays for school about blowing the school up.
4. He came to school some days as the joker from Batman or dressed in Military uniforms.
5. He has movies on Youtube about shooting & war & blowing things up.
6. He told students he was bringing a ak 47 to school.
7. He was arrested for a possible terrorist act.
8. Was suspended for threatening to do something 2 weeks ago.
and on and on...

Now how the Hell was this kid allowed to walk the halls of school?

How could the schools let these kids, who publicly express crime, hate and murder be allowed at school?
Our school has a no tolerance bullying act, WHATTT, but we let people who could be potential murders in!
Why didn't they listen to all the complaints others made about him?
Do you know when they say there were no signs, or they missed the signs?  I think they didn't want to do anything about what they knew!!  I know he has problems, and I'm sorry for his family, but I need to protect mine.  I don't know of anyone in the real world that could say these things and it be normal.

How do we protect our children?  What do you say for them to do if someone starts shooting?  We teach them about fires, earthquakes, strangers.  What should I tell my girls because it seems that our school thinks it's OK for these people to walk along with my kids?

You don't think it's going to be you, but it was....



oh god im glad nothing happened! god bless xoxoxo

Maria said...

That must have been so scary! Thank God nothing happened. But it makes you think. I hope it didn't scare your kids too much. xx

Fiza said...

Oh my god>> that is sooo scaryy.. Happy to know your daughter is alright and I can't believe the school didn't do anything about it.

Jenny9119999 said...

Holy shit!!

Penelope said...

Thankfully he was caught before he managed to do any of the things he planned!! Glad your daughter is now safe and sound

Monat de Moncada said...

That is terrifying, and I'm glad that your daughter was okay. Honestly, I don't know how so much could happen with that kid and he was STILl allowed back in school. :/ Legal loopholes, I guess, but it's so unfortunate, sad, and horrible that it had to go that far; though I'm glad it didn't go further.

GiGi said...

Thanks so much girls. Yesterday I spoke to a some parents who have taken material to the office from the internet that this kid posted. It said he planned mayhem. The office is now not answering questions. Such a shame concerned parents are the "crazy" ones that want to keep kids safe.

vi said...

i was reading this post and shaking.

about 1.5 years ago, my university had two gunmen loose on campus - SJU in new york. they locked down the entire campus (and it's HUGE) and the SWAT team, police, security guards were swarming all over the place. they couldn't pinpoint exactly where he was at first, so everyone had to stay put. all i could think about was columbine and virginia tech and how i didn't want my life to end like this. people were crying and praying and .. i really don't know what to say. it's something i wish would never happen to anyone.

for the week after, the SWAT team stayed on campus to make sure everything was okay. it was unreal to walk to class and see men in full combat gear on patrol.

and they never caught the second gunman. the news only released information about the caught gunman [who claimed 9/11 made him do it] because they didn't want to start a panic.

i'm so happy to hear that your daughter is safe. i'm going to include your family in my prayers tonight.

i know it's really scary, and it makes me so angry that even places like schools are being targeted by crazy people!!!

i don't really like talking about it because it still gives me nightmares .. but i just want you to know that i know what you're going through. stay strong, god blessed us with a miracle.

Mae said...

God, what is our world coming to...

Anonymous said...

OMG!! I know exactly how you felt!! My sister is in college and this guy came into the school and started threathing or shooting at everyone that was in his path. My parents and I were terrified! I was a few blocks a way given that I had a class that morning at the University. I just left my class and tried to call or text my sister....but as you answer. I was so scared!! When I arrivied in from of the college, there were cops everywhere, and they wouldn't give us any answer. I couldn't believe this...I just dropped my sister to class 30 minutes ago and the school is being hijack by a crazy guy with a black trench coat! I couldn't reach my sister for 5 hours! It was a nightmare!! My parents and I were going crazy, my mom started to cry and I was losing my patience with the cops and I started yelling at them because they would not give us any answers!! After all this terrified and unbelievable morning..5 hours sister texted me and said that she was coming out and she was ok. My parents and I were soooo relieved, happy and thank God that she was alright! After killing a few students and teachers, the shooter killed himself! Unbelievable!! He made all of us go through this horrified 5 hours and he killed himself?! WTF!!!!!

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