Wednesday, March 24, 2010

DOLLAR STORE HAUL-great bargains

I was at the $1 store today and they had a bunch of great finds!  

I watched LisaLisaD1 on Youtube, she's so super sweet, and she was talking about Sally Hansen at the dollar tree.  I went to my closest one and found them and a bunch of other goodies too.  They had 5 different colors in the Sally Hansen's, but I thought these would be good alone or together.  

Top-Ginger  Bottom- Orchid

These are called Lacquer Shine and they are so pigmented and glossy.  When you put it on they really just plump up your lips.  They have these very fine glitter or shimmers, but it doesn't feel gritty at all.  It's more of a lipstick with a gloss in one, but not shear where it bleeds all over your mouth.

I bought a Lucky Brand necklace at Macy's a couple weeks back, & it looks so much like these 2 necklaces that were just a $1 each.  I was a little mad I spent so much.  Left is gold & the right is silver.  I thought they would look pretty and delicate because I'm usually wearing the long stuff.

Finally, all these little goodies.  they always have the cleansing strips and they are really good for blackheads & 3 come in a box.  I got the mini manicure set for my travel bags, because I always forget to pack it.  What I was really excited about is the dial up self tanner from Banana boat.  I use the Aveeno dial up color one that's $13, but guess what I'll be getting if this works as good.  I could buy 13 for the price of my one.
They had a bunch of good things.  Tons of lashes, & lash glue, Con-Air rollers & hair tools, Goody hair accessories, Wet n Wild, Revlon have to go and see what yours has.  What made me really mad is that I just bought tanning lotions at Big Lots for $4 and they had all of them for $1.  Coppertone, banana Boat, ones for babies, Hawaiin Tropic.

Have you been to your $1 store?  What's your best find?


Gaby said...

Wow, great goodies! I'm always amazed at what I find in my local Dollar Store!

The glosses looks DELISH!

Tina-Bobeena said...

dang your dollar store carries a lot of goodies compared to mine! awesome haul!!! :D

Sofia said...

those glosses look so pretty I love the colors u got!!

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