Thursday, March 4, 2010


Buy 5(.99) get 1 free offer
I was paying at Sally's Beauty Supply and of course they have all the little samples for us to buy. I think I bought a really bright pink Sally Girl nail polish before and that showed up, out of these the only one you could see is the dark purple one.  If you were to paint your nails with the others, you would use up the whole bottle for one polish application. You can't even use this as a sample because this is the only size.  So, I would skip on these and buy a OPI or China Glaze, more bang for your money!  These are good for travel, if your going for a short time.

What's your current favorite polish color? Or your all time classic color?


Halifax said...

Wow, thanks for the heads up as I was totally going to try them out. They aren't as cheap at Sally in Canada, but still as cute :-) Now I don't have to

leslielovesmakeup said...

i've never had big problems with sally girl polishes, i actually love them. the most uses i've got out of one of them is 5 times. i would know because i paint my toe nails the same color with their polish in Blissful Kiss. my china glazes and other polishes do last forever though. i just buy the sally girl polishes when i dont feel like buying a big bottle.

GiGi said...

@leslielovesmakeup Yes, I guess it's a better value in the big bottles

Jaime said...

I recently bought some of the little Sally Girl glitters to use for layering. I love them! As for my all-time favorite polish, it would have to be Massini Fashion Addict or Color Club Worth The Risque. I really love holos!

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