Saturday, March 20, 2010


It's that time of year when Big Lot gets its Drugstore shipment and they sell it 50-70% off.  They had tons of products.  I picked up a few things last week, but have to go see what other things I find.

We are planning a trip, so I foud this new travel makeup bag-$8.00 after discount...

I have a pretty zebra print travel case, but its a tall square one, this is flatter.  I wanted to see which I like better, or takes up less room.  It's plastic, which makes it easy to clean.  The bag came with 2 travel containers.

All of these were 1/2 off too.  $2/nail polish, $3 Rimmel foundation, which I got darker in case I get some color on my face, $5 Loreal blush, which I love and have to do a good review and swatch of.

If you have a Big Lots around you, it's a good time to go see what they have.  There were thing s I wanted to try from the drugstore, but didn't really want to pay full price for, so I'm going to get them to try.

What products have you bought that you really liked, but thought you would hate?


marti said...

Ooh nice haul! I just went to big lots last week and got some really good deals there as well. I posted about it on my blog!

I think i might go back though because everything was pretty picked over and it looked as if they hadn't gotten a shipment in a while.


ndoodles said...

Oh wow, Rimmel foundation for $3?? I love that foundation but I have a shade that is too dark for me. Maybe I should stop by and check it out again.

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