Monday, February 22, 2010


We were out for a Birthday party last week in Hollywood.   Bardot Nightclub was our destination.  Bardot is a 1920's style club.  It's a celebrity hotspot, with guest Dj's and impromptu musical sessions. 

On this Thursday night, they had a great show of blues & jazz.  For the finale, Macy Gray!  She was awesome.  Her voice is a power house.  The whole place was at their feet singing with her.  It felt like  a private party.

Did I mention she was sooooo tall. We walked out at the same time and she towered over me!  
If you have a chance, or are in Hollywood, you'll have to stop in.  It's a great place to spot celebrities, listen to music, and dance.  

Where's your favorite place to go to dance or hear great music?  Favorite L.A. spot?

Thursday, February 18, 2010


This collection is really pretty.  I think it's maybe because I'm in live with purples this month.  

I never buy back ups, ever, but I think I will this blush.  

Azalea Blossom 

It gradiates from a pink to a purple, but the color comes out thus beautiful smooth pink.  I don't know why, but whenever I get those blush with the mosaics or stripes, I always blotch it up when putting it on.  This blends and it's really smooth on the face.

Colour Quad 3

Love it also.  The only color that doesn't show a lot is the Mink Pink.  I have been using this everyday.  The colors are all usable.  They all work together for a day/night look.

There are so many products in these collection.  I got confused.  

What I think:

Lipstick/Lipglass- The colors are pretty, but the nudes are too dull & don't show up on my lips.  I'm not buying any lipgloss/glass I hardly wear them, but pretty colors.

Blush- All are very pigmented, but the only other one I would think of getting is Springshine, light peach.
The darker purple & peach look dirt when you put them one.

Quads- Both are pretty and worth getting

Single Eyeshadows- Not pigmented enough & dry

Pigments- I'm not a fan of pigments, but I would get these.  So rich, smooth, & creamy.  Both sets are great.

I don't know if I'll get anything else, maybe the blush in Springshine.  I got a kit that I may think would be great dupes for this collection. I'll have to take some pictures and you will have to let me know.  

What did you get or think of the collection? 
What do you have back-up products of?

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Happy Valentines Day!  We had a day with the kids & then it was out for Valentines dinner!

Can you tell we're excited to go?  We don't get anything on these holiday's, but make a point to do something alone, even if it's a coffee.  We went to an amazing place called Chateaux Lounge in Irvine, California.  Chateaux is beautiful and romantic.  It looked like a chateaux with different rooms, a lounge, jazz band, and fireplaces everywhere.

The food was amazing.  I took a few pics and the rest I was too busy shoving in my mouth to remember.

It was a 5 course meal with oysters to start with.

Crab cake for me and Tuna Tartar for the hubby.

Now here there should have been a picture of my short ribs with porchini mushroom  mashed potatoes and veggies, but it was already all gone!
They also gave us wine for dinner and Champagne with blackberries for dessert.  

This was a chocolate souffle cake, with a chocolate covered strawberry & fresh whipped cream for dessert.

It was  really good and we sat next to a fireplace, with a live jazz band playing.  It was one of my best Valentines!
How was your Valentines?  What is your favorite Valentines memory?

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I know the weather has been so bad from west to the east coast.  I just bought these from Wet Seal for $40, & they're so comfy.  I love the shoes at all the trendy stores. but seriously, how do people walk in them they are as hard as a rock!!  These are perfect for everyday, with a low heal and enough room for jeans or leggings in the leg.  
Best of all they can be worn over the knee, under the knee, or slouched down for a scrunchy boot.   They have a sexy peek-a-boo slit in the back too.   This way, next year no matter what the style is, this boot won't be out of style.
(I  got a 1/2 size bigger, in case I wanted to wear socks)

So what do you think of them? I would love to know where you bargain shop for shoes, online or stores?

Monday, February 8, 2010


This is called the Bulldog!  A huge margarita with a Coronita as the garnish.  your supposed to drink the margarita first, and chase it with the beer.


We went for drinks on Saturday night at our newest Orange County find, Sol Cocina and Bar.
It's a Baja Mexican restaurant in Newport Beach, California.   The food is expensive, but its very fresh, and the street tacos are amazing, 2($6).  Our #1 favorite are the margaritas.  They are made with fresh squeezed juices, no pre-made mixes here, & top shelf tequila.  

The interior is beautiful.  They have a fire pit in the Bar & its located on the water.  It's something to see day or night.  It's a great place for friends or a romantic dinner, and it's a lot of fun.  The staff is so friendly.  

Coming from Michigan, we didn't have good mexican, now here in California, I can't get enough.  The margarita is my favorite drink of all.  

What's the food you never ate or drink that you never drink, but now do?  Any SoCal suggestions for yummy food & drinks?

Sunday, February 7, 2010


TRESemme Heat Tamer Spray

I have been looking for something for my hair that wasn't oily.  I use the flat iron a lot & my hair is so course, I do need the oil on my ends, but using oil on my ends is making my cheeks breakout right where the shorter pieces of hair hit my face.  I have seen this on so many blogs and so many YT videos, but I never got it.
It's a really great inexpensive hair product, $4-5.  Your hair doesn't feel or look greasy, oily, limp, or even dry.  It smells so good.  I feel like when I use this, my hair stays either flat or curly longer.
I use it when I curl, dry, or flat iron my hair.  Then every couple days I add some oils to the ends too.

Now I am looking for 2 things, a flat iron that doesn't burn your ends & a oil to add to my ends.  Any suggestions?

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Lush Grease Lightning- $ 9.99

My first Lush purchase.  I was in the Pasadena store, but decided not to buy anything because a lot of the products were plant based and with all my allergies, I didn't think it was a good idea.

I watched and read reviews on Grease Lightning and I ordered it for my daughter(shipping was crazy$10, & took 10 days).  She has oily skin and breaks out, I think from stress.  She's tried everything, but the breakouts are still there.

She used this, and within 3 days her skin got a lot worse.  

She stopped using it.  I told her not to use the masks, I didn't want to make it worse.   I was so hoping it would help.  Now we are back to trying something new.

What are your results with this product?

Help, what should I get for her?  Her face has got the red pimples and the ones under the skin.  

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