Sunday, February 7, 2010


TRESemme Heat Tamer Spray

I have been looking for something for my hair that wasn't oily.  I use the flat iron a lot & my hair is so course, I do need the oil on my ends, but using oil on my ends is making my cheeks breakout right where the shorter pieces of hair hit my face.  I have seen this on so many blogs and so many YT videos, but I never got it.
It's a really great inexpensive hair product, $4-5.  Your hair doesn't feel or look greasy, oily, limp, or even dry.  It smells so good.  I feel like when I use this, my hair stays either flat or curly longer.
I use it when I curl, dry, or flat iron my hair.  Then every couple days I add some oils to the ends too.

Now I am looking for 2 things, a flat iron that doesn't burn your ends & a oil to add to my ends.  Any suggestions?


glitteryeyesxx said...

This has got to be one of my HG products!!! I love how soft and shiny it makes my hair. Plus, the smell is so flowery! It's so freakin' cheap too! *high five* ;]

JenLuvs2Shop said...

I would suggest Moroccan Oil for your hair. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! Experiment a little bit with the quantity you use... you don't need much at all. And in the right quantity it doesn't leave you hair greasy either. It absorbs into your hair making it the softest ever! ( I blogged about Moroccan Oil on Jan 11). If you try it, let me know what you think.

nit said...

i use HAI flat iron, since like 4 years ago, and i love it, i's awesome without the price, u can find it at sallys.

Sonya said...

I also love this heat protecting spray! I like even more than the Chi one in the red bottle. It's more cost effective, and IMO does a better job.

For hair straightener I use the Remington Wet 2 Straight, and I think it works greats! I only use it on DRY hair though. Using heat on wet hair (other than a blow dryer) just makes me worry that I'll fry my hair.

Anonymous said...

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