Monday, February 22, 2010


We were out for a Birthday party last week in Hollywood.   Bardot Nightclub was our destination.  Bardot is a 1920's style club.  It's a celebrity hotspot, with guest Dj's and impromptu musical sessions. 

On this Thursday night, they had a great show of blues & jazz.  For the finale, Macy Gray!  She was awesome.  Her voice is a power house.  The whole place was at their feet singing with her.  It felt like  a private party.

Did I mention she was sooooo tall. We walked out at the same time and she towered over me!  
If you have a chance, or are in Hollywood, you'll have to stop in.  It's a great place to spot celebrities, listen to music, and dance.  

Where's your favorite place to go to dance or hear great music?  Favorite L.A. spot?
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