Sunday, May 31, 2009


This is my Mac CCO haul from Palm Springs, finally!! They had tons stuff. Iyah from As Pink As My Juicy, has been updating me & making me jealous about all the goodies at the CCO. I was at the Palm Springs one & the only thing they didn't have is Dame Edna. If you have one near you, check it out!!!!!!
Shadowy Lady Quad(L) Tempting Quad(R)(I've been using this a lot!)

Novel Twist 5 cool eyes: This one had Phloof & Beauty Marked which I wanted both. I love Phloof & this is perfect for on the go. So many color combos day/night.
Brule(L), Gorgeous Gold(R)- this is so beautiful for summer!
C-Thru Lipglass is the perfect smokey gloss
Not too pink or nude. This is on top of a cafe lip liner! This is pretty on its own too.
They also had MSF's, foundations, blush, and about 20 eyeshadows. 

Saturday, May 30, 2009


Victoria Secrets is having a sale.   Everything is on sale BUT the makeup is 75% off. This is all they had left at the VS I went to. They also have the sale on-line. The eyeshadows are great too.
The bronzer that came out a while ago. It was $6.24 from $24.50!!! Great deal. I love the packaging! 

The color is in Copacabanna, they also had a more orange color.

The print on the bronzer is so cute. The brush I'm not liking too much.
The color is more brown & has no shimmer, which is great because it's great for contouring too.
Have you been to the sale yet? What are you guys getting?

Friday, May 29, 2009


I have a few haul posts I'm going to get up, but first I wanted to do my faves for May. 

I've been doing the bronzy look a lot this month. It's almost summer, and it's so easy & fast.


Mac  - I have been using Hue alone or on top of Myth l/s.
         - Indianwood paint pot- All over the lid as a base/eyeshadow with black liquid liner &                     it looks smokey and shimmery.  
         - Butternutty Shadestick-all over lid w/any color on the crease. It's pinky beige, so it goes 
            with any color.
The Balm Shady Lady - I have to review this because it's sooo amazing, plus 3 of the colors are                                             liners.
Drugstore - Organic Wear Mascara
                   - Fabuliner Liquid Liner($2) at walgreens, its amazing!
                   - Jane Mineral Blush- All the colors are glowing without the glitter.
Bronzer - is from Marshalls. It was $5 and it looks like a tan, not orange. I also use this on my 
                  body & legs. Don't forget to enhance the cleavage!!!
Mineral Powder - Sally's La Femme Couture. I'm going to get 1 shade darker for the summer 
                                 because I'm sure I'll get darker. You could use this alone or as a setting 
                                 powder. It's makes your skin glow w/out the glitter. Love it too!!

What are your faves, please share. I love hearing about new products & old ones!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I wanted to show you my new travel train case, plus a way to get more room out of it. I bought it at
I got it for $10, but it's $13 online.  You could find this style anywhere though.

I liked the pattern & it has 2 Velcro straps you could put up to hold the mirror.  What I did is go to Big Lots/$1 store & bought these plastic containers & made a shelf to put myself more space.
In the top photo I have the plastic container full of  pencils,mascara, e/s... I also had room for my brush holder & I put in a Mac palette to show how much room you still have.  I could have put 2 more in.
This is what it looks like without the palette & plastic container. There is a bunch of room to put stuff on the bottom.
This pic shows the palette & how much room there is still. I put my single e/s. in the pocket.
Everything was organized & fit right in. I could actually get a flat shelf to put in between for more space.  I used to have a big plastic makeup case, but I was always having to dig around to find what I needed. This way I saw everything. 

Summer travel is here. What are your travel tips?

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Hello everyone, I hope you had a great weekend. Mine was Great. We were in Palm Springs w/my hubbby & girls.   It was very hot & i burned, but it was worth it.  We were bumped up to a villa because of a reservation mistake on there end. They can make a mistake anytime they want.  This is our villa & some pics of the views.

The funny thing is that Tori Spelling was our neighbor during our stay. They were filming her show.  Her crew was camped out in the yard filming her. She was there with the kids & hubby & about 20 friends & a couple nanny's. She is soooooooo skinny. Maybe 95lbs.  It was very crowded at the resort & she sat right in the middle of the crowd everyday, with hotel security.

I also stopped at the CCO & I will post what I got later on.

Who watched John/Kate last night? Can you say splitsville. You cut the hatred with a knife!!!

So what have you been up to?

Sunday, May 24, 2009


This is what I've taken with me. The Shady Lady e/s & Loreal earth e/s & Jane black/white & espresso brown are all I packed. The Loreal are all matte & good for bending/highlight. I brought foundation, but I think I'll only use the mineral powder from Sally's. I've also been loving Jane products. They are being discontinued. I love the colors of the mineral blushes & e/s.  Of course my bronzer & Madly blush by Nars which is a soft brown w/glitter. I've been using my shadesticks as a base & lid color & putting only a color in the crease.

MAC Myth, Angel,Lolipop Lovin, Milani lip pencil in cafe.
Brushes, I don't think I need this many. 

So let's see if I can make it with this amount. I know it's a lot, but not a lot for me!!
I hope the CCO has some great finds. 

Have a great a great weekend. 

Friday, May 22, 2009


COLOR: ST. Tropez


I love this as a bronzer or just to add on top of a blush. It's got beautiful gold veins, but they're not  too glittery.

This is perfect for the summer to put all over or a blush.

What's you product of the week?

Thursday, May 21, 2009


COST $1.80

 I went back to Forever  21 for more of the LA Girl e/s & found these.  They are great for your own mani/pedi. I'm planning on using them for a pedi. There's a bunch of little stickers, so it's good for more than a 1 time use. I'll put up a pic of the pedi, but I'm not a huge fan of toes!!  Do you do your own pedi's or mani's? I've been since my friend got a toe nail fungus, yuk! I'm paranoid now:(

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I have Mythology(L) & Expensive Pink(R) next to each other in my palette. They look a little different, but on the eye they look the same.  Especially when you smoke it out. Expensive Pink has more glitter.  So, I think I could have skipped out on 1 of them.
I find that Mac has a lot of similar colors. When I buy e/s colors or lippies or blush even if I buy them at the same time, they're usually the same colors. Why does that happen. I think I get confused or color blind.
 Which other colors by Mac are similar? Do you do this too?

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I know you may think I'm nuts, but this is my new brush cleaner from Big Lots $1-2.
I've tried all the cleaners & they're all good. I have bad allergies, so my skin is super sensitive. I started using Johnson Baby wash, & I wasn't irritated.  I went the next step, & bought the generic baby shampoo & it works. It also smells good & isn't harsh on the skin. Best of all it's cheap. I'm always cleaning my brushes & use so much brush cleaner, it was getting expensive.
Any other brush cleaner suggestions?

Monday, May 18, 2009


BBQ meatloaf, roasted sweet onion, Smashed potatoes with bacon & cheese, & mixed vegi's w/olive oil & lemon jest. This is my double duty meal. Tomorrow it will be meatloaf sandwiches. It's even better the next day.
What did you have for dinner?

Sunday, May 17, 2009


Happy Sunday everyone. Before I show you the haul, I wanted to let you know I posted a Dior Lip Balm review. I had to repost it today(I had problems with posting) so check it out after this post. There were questions on it.

Now the haul!
You know that I'm really critical when it comes to makeup(since it's not cheap), so I have to tell I LOVE the Shady Lady eyeshadows. It was $32 & worth every penny. Go check this out. I'm going to do a whole review on this. I got the Bad Girl lash as a freebie, can't wait to try it!
I also stopped at Sally's for the Batiste dry shampoo & got this pretty lipstick pencil for $1.99. I love bargains. The tropical coconut is a blue lip gloss($1).  My favorite is the mineral powder because its not a loose powder & it gives a beautiful glow w/no glitters.(12.99)

I'm going away at the end of the week, which means planning & packing, ugh! I'm going to try to pack the least amount of makeup as I can(of course I'll have to show you). The best part, we're going to Palm Springs which means a really good CCO stop on the way. YAY!!

Let me know if you want reviews, pics, swatches, of anything! Is the Balm line any good? What's good? 


COST: $28

I've been using this for a week & I wanted to give you my thoughts. If you are a lip balm, chapstick lover, this is great to try. For the rest of us, it's a pass.  The balm is really thick, has a mild taste, soft, & it's not too glossy.  But for $28, my lips should be moisturized & not peeling. It changes color to each persons lips.  The color comes out pink-a soft cherry. If you have chapped lips it will look different on each part of your lip. 

This is my bare lip after 5 days of use. I used it alone & on top of my lippies.  See the lower lip is dry.
This is with the Dior Balm. Pretty, but I think Carmex works better.
So, I would not repurchase. I would expect any lip product that cost $28 to be AMAZING for you.  I was at Sephora yesterday & wished I would have purchased any of the other Dior  lippies that were cheaper & so much more beautiful, than this! 
What is a great lip conditioner. Which Dior lip products stay on longest? 

Saturday, May 16, 2009


First let me start with a little rant:
This week I have been hearing a lot about John/Kate. Do any of you watch that show John/Kate +8?  If so you know they are a reality tv family who are coping w/dealing w/twins & sextuplets. Well, what kind of role model family have they been selling?  He's been caught w/his 23 yr. old girlfriend, & she's with the bodyguard. What? They told on each other, & they're families also told on them. So, how has this family been going to do paid speaking engagements to all the churches? I actually saw that she was coming to our local church & they were selling tickets!

Next Elizabeth Edwards new book. I feel for her so much. Not only is she dealing w/terminal cancer, but her wonderful husband has been sneaking into hotels meeting his lover! But what i don't understand is people bashing her for writing her story? Why shouldn't she? She could be gone tomorrow, & maybe this her way of finding peace with it. Don't read her book then!

Update & News:I'm going to start posting my favorite product of the week & products I used a lot each month. I love when I see these posts. It makes me go back & use things I forgot about. It could be random stuff, not just makeup. I have learned so much from all of you, & really saved a lot because of  your reviews. Thanks!!

Sorry this is so long. So what's your weekly rant?

Friday, May 15, 2009


Today on my way to Sephora, I passed through Bloomi's. I hit the mac counter & asked about the collection. And they were pre-selling it. She pulled out all the products. These are my thoughts on what I likes/disliked. I know many think the packaging is gawdy, but I love it. I'm a sucker like that!!

LIPGLASS: All of them were pigmented, sparkly, & gorgeous. Loved them all. They really look like what you see. The yellow gold is beautiful.

EYESHADOW: The 3 that actually showed up when swatched were Vibrant grape(pro), Tempting(perm.) & Bright Future(LE yellow). Tempting & Bright Future were the best. The others were chalky.

BEAUTY  POWDER  BLUSH: EVERSUN(peach) too light, On a Mission was a purpely/mauve. I liked On a mission, it was different & you could see it on.

SOLAR BITS:More finely milled than last years. Pretty, but too messy. The MA said the best way to use them is put them on w/your finger.

LIPSTICK: All are beautiful. The colors are rich & deep. 

BRONZING POWDER: Solar rich is pretty, but re promote from last year. Refined Golden Finley is perm., but too chalky.

NAILS: Super pretty, all of them.

LUSTERDROPS/SKINSHEEN: Skinsheen is at the CCO, makes you look tan, messy spray. The luster drops you add to your foundation for shiny/dewy look(think Revlon skinlights)

I think this collection is for all skin colors because it has a range from light to dark. I pre-bought On a Mission(blush), Solor Rich(bronzer), Liberated(lipgass), Puple-Rite & Sunsational(l/s). Liberated(e/s). Basically the colors I thought would go fast. What are your thoughts/question? What are you getting?


COST:$3.49(nail dry), $1.99(eraser pen)

Sally's beauty supply is great place to find those beauty products you would never think of. I found this spray nail dryer. Which is great for me because I have little patients to dry my nails. I'm always walking around with smudged nails. The other is an earaser pen that gets the polish off the sides of your nail.
The dryer is great. It smells like baby powder & it cuts down drying time by 1/2. I will repurchase for sure.  The pen you could skip on. Just use a Q-tip with polish remover it will work way better.
I want to try the dry shampoo next. What is good to try or buy @ sally's?

Thursday, May 14, 2009


COST: $11.99 for tinted moisturizer & mascara (both came in a package)

What the Physicians Formula website says:
100% Free of Harsh Chemicals. 100% Free of Synthetic Preservatives. 100% Free of Parabens. 100% Free of GMO's. 100% Free of Synthetic Colors. 100% Free of Synthetic Fragrances. 100% Cruelty Free.

Tinted Moisturizer Info:
  • Lightweight tinted moisturizer hydrates skin and evens out skin tone with sheer and natural coverage.
  • Infused with Organic Fruit Water to help nourish and restore skin’s moisture balance.
  • SPF 15 naturally protects skin from environmental damage for a healthy-looking complexion.
  • A 100% natural origin tinted moisturizer, formulated with 80% certified organic ingredients, including jojoba seed oil, sunflower seed oil, avocado oil, and shea butter to moisturize the skin.
  • Available in 4 shades.

  • I have horrible allergies since coming to California. My eyes don't water, but they burn. I have had to change  what I wear on my eyes. So mascara & eyeliner are my #1 problems. I was really excited when I saw this line.  I bought both of these in a package at Walgreens.

    The Tinted Moisturizer is really sheer, but it puts this glow on your face. I think the color is too light for me. So I would go a shade darker in this. The only thing that I don't like is the smell. It has this woodsy smell, but that's one of my things. I can't really handle strong smells.  The mascara does work for me, but unless you have terrible allergies, this is not for you. It isn't waterproof & smudges if your eyes water. It has a very wet formula to it.  The wand does lengthen & thicken, which is really good, but overall I would not recommend this drugstore mascara.
    I do like a lot of Physician Formula products. I am going to try other products from this line. Have you tried this organic line? What is your favorite Physician Formula product? Any allergy suggestions?

    Wednesday, May 13, 2009


    So I found something interesting at Forever 21, eyeshadow. Look how pretty!!

    They were the register for only$2.80. They had more colors, but I wanted to see if they were even pigmented first, & they are. They are really soft, but a bit powdery. I can live with it.
    This dress was $19. I love the detail in he back!  I'm going to pair it up with all my colorful jewelry & belts for summer.
    And finally, this little skinny watchband belt($10). I think it will work with everything.
    I'm getting the summer bug, not ready for the bathing suit just yet though! 
    What is your favorite summer style?  What's your latest summer purchase?

    Tuesday, May 12, 2009


    I had a lot of questions on the Dior lip balm($28).  I'll do a review after I've used it a bit. Maybe at the end of the week. Thanks to all the Mama Day wishes! XO

    Hard as Nails Hardwraps(seals & hardens)
    Hard as Nails Strengthening(prevents chips, cracks,splitting)
    Sally Hansen Nail Polish- Diamond Strength #43 Ruby Sequin

    Cost: between $4-7(mine were $1 on sale)

    I think all of Sally Hansen nail products are great. I put on all three products 6 days ago & I only have 1 chip, which I picked off myself.  My nails feel a little harder, but the Hardwraps really seals the nails, but put it on evenly, or your polish will look uneven. I would buy all these products again.
    What's your favorite summer polish?

    Sunday, May 10, 2009


    Mine, so far, has been great!  My hubby & girls took me to a great brunch. I got a lovely collage & a letter from my girls, which made me cry. From the hubby I got a purse & Sephora gift card!
    I'm so lucky to have them.

    This is what I got for myself today 

    This is the Dior Addict Lip Glow which is a moisturizing lip balm with sun protection.  I read Nadia's blog, Love, lipstick, & Lime,(isn't she gorgeous) & I wanted to try this.  It's really moisturizing & gives you a shine without being sticky.  It works with the bodies chemical to give each person a different lip color. I got a soft pink shade with some shimmer.  My lips have been really dry & peeling, so I splurged.  So far, I'm loving it. I was hesitant on the $28 price tag, but if it works like it says-I'm in love.
    I do love the all the Dior!  I'm making a Sephora list for my gift card-give me some ideas!!!


    Let me tell my love/hate relationship with this product, other than I spent $21.

    Love-the lippie colors are so beautiful.  When you put it on it really stays a long time. The gloss on top is really pretty, but doesn't last long.  2 products in one.

    Hate- This is the most drying product I have EVER used. By the end of the night I have to slather Vaseline on my lips they hurt so much. I asked the MUA @mac about this & they said to put lip balm on first. Well this doesn't help & it makes the lip color peel off. 

    I always see these @the CCO & reach for them, then I remember. Sadly, I have parted ways with this product. I think it's one of Mac's worst products.

    Is it just me? Did anyone have luck or know how to use this? The color is so pretty, but...

    Saturday, May 9, 2009


    I picked these up @ Marshall's the other day.  They have a bunch of Burt's Bee's.  I bought the lip shimmer in Vegas a few years back, but in the raspberry color.  The only thing that works for when my lips when they are dry is something minty.

    The color on this is really light almost white, with a blue undertone. The lip shimmer was minty &  shimmery, but not very moisturizing.
    These 2 actually came in a 3 pack w/a cute bee pouch, but my daughter swiped 1 & the pouch.  These are glosses & they taste like starburst. I didn't like them though.  They lasted on the lips all of 10 min & were not moisturizing at all. I think it actually dried my lips.
    Although I love Burt's Bee's, I won't get either one again.  I have to stick w/my medicated, minty Blistex.
    Any other great products for dry lips?

    Friday, May 8, 2009


    I have been dying to try this because I don't think there is a lippie that lasts.  This one is no exception, but it lasted longer than a regular lippie for sure. I bought it on clearance as a tester.  I have to say the lip color stayed on the lips for at least 2 hrs. which is good. It wasn't drying at all, but he moisture stick that goes on top wore off right away. I'll use my own lip gloss next time.
    I also bought the Max Factor long wear lippie, which is a big no, no. I'm going to buy this product again in a nude color to see how I like it. I'm going to review the Mac Pro Longwear next.

    Anyone tried these out? What colors are good? 

    Thursday, May 7, 2009


    This is my go-to breakout fixer. I put it on at night & under my makeup when I get or feel a pimple coming on. I've tried a lot of other products, but this works the fastest & best.
    I have oily skin so it doesn't dry me out, but be careful, this Will dry your skin out.  You don't put it all over, just on the pimple. Honestly, I love all the neutrogena products.

    What's your favorite drugstore product?


    I was tagged by the lovely Belle Du Jour, I love her blog name.

    What made you choose your blog/twitter/youtube username?
    I chose Makeup Diary Confessions as my blog name because I sometimes have buyers remorse, so I confess my obsession here. I talk about what I think of products & hear what you have to say about them.

    What's your actual name?
    Gigi is what I'll tell you, because my real name is a hard one.

    Do you have any nicknames?
    I guess it would be Gigi.

    Apart from the obvious make up / beauty hobby, what other hobbies do you have?
    I love reading, cooking, & traveling.

    What do you do?
    Since coming to California 8 yrs. ago I've been the CEO & CFO  of my Corporation(aka home), prior to this I was working in our family business. My kids were little & child care in Cali was crazy & we knew a toyal of 2 people here, so I stayed home. I'm so glad I did have that chance, & thank god I was able to do it.

    What would you like to do?
    I would love to be a therapist. I think i missed my calling :(

    Tell us something embarrassing, but that you love doing?
    My newest thing is playing slots on the iphone.

    Tell us a little something that we don't already know about you.
    I have 2 girls, & I had them when I was in my early 20's.

    What achievement are you most proud of?
    I'm proud of everything that my hubby & myself have built together. Most important is my 2 girls & hubby.

    What do you most like about yourself?
    That I still love & have hope in people in this world. I'm a great listener & a true friend.

    What would you change about yourself if you could?

    I would like to grow 4 more inches.

    If you could have anything in the world (that doesn't cost any money), what would you want?
    A cure for cancer!

    Wednesday, May 6, 2009


    I'm going to start putting up beauty bargain, find or sales. I think we could all have extra coins in the pocket.  I found these lashes at the $1 store, & a brow shaper. There's actually 3/$1.  I haven't tried them, but I will keep you posted.  I also ended up getting sponge wedges,nail polish remover, cotton balls, Q-tips, & plastic containers for makeup storage. They had a ton of the little things. 

    Has anyone tried these? What's your best $1 store find?

    Monday, May 4, 2009


    I took a few pics of my jewelery because I was organizing today. I feel like I'm always organizing.  I took 2 drawers & little plastic trays from the $1 store & split everything up. I like putting my jewelery by finish. Even if it isn't neat, it looks like it is. I love hoop earrings & silver. 

    So my problem is how to store my long necklaces. They always get tangled or damaged. Any suggestions?

    Saturday, May 2, 2009


    These are the Lipsticks I most often grab for. 
    (L-R) Mac Angel, P&J 061(NY haul), Mac Blankety,Revlon Nude,Rimmel Airy Fairy, Jane Not So Innocent

    My favorite one right now is Mac HueIt's a real soft pink.  I like it because it's soft, smooth, & you don't need a liner.

    Put up your favorite lippies? Any nudes I should be haulin?! What is your favorite color for summer?

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