Friday, May 15, 2009


Today on my way to Sephora, I passed through Bloomi's. I hit the mac counter & asked about the collection. And they were pre-selling it. She pulled out all the products. These are my thoughts on what I likes/disliked. I know many think the packaging is gawdy, but I love it. I'm a sucker like that!!

LIPGLASS: All of them were pigmented, sparkly, & gorgeous. Loved them all. They really look like what you see. The yellow gold is beautiful.

EYESHADOW: The 3 that actually showed up when swatched were Vibrant grape(pro), Tempting(perm.) & Bright Future(LE yellow). Tempting & Bright Future were the best. The others were chalky.

BEAUTY  POWDER  BLUSH: EVERSUN(peach) too light, On a Mission was a purpely/mauve. I liked On a mission, it was different & you could see it on.

SOLAR BITS:More finely milled than last years. Pretty, but too messy. The MA said the best way to use them is put them on w/your finger.

LIPSTICK: All are beautiful. The colors are rich & deep. 

BRONZING POWDER: Solar rich is pretty, but re promote from last year. Refined Golden Finley is perm., but too chalky.

NAILS: Super pretty, all of them.

LUSTERDROPS/SKINSHEEN: Skinsheen is at the CCO, makes you look tan, messy spray. The luster drops you add to your foundation for shiny/dewy look(think Revlon skinlights)

I think this collection is for all skin colors because it has a range from light to dark. I pre-bought On a Mission(blush), Solor Rich(bronzer), Liberated(lipgass), Puple-Rite & Sunsational(l/s). Liberated(e/s). Basically the colors I thought would go fast. What are your thoughts/question? What are you getting?


tiff said...

I like that packaging too. Glad to hear the lipglasses are pretty pigmented. I hate when I find what looks like a gorgeous gloss and it turns out looking clear.

Tali said...

All I am allowing myself is the 3 versions of the lustre drops. That aside.. I refuse to spend my money.. but its soo hard :( Your review of the lipglasses just makes me want one!

mzkrystall said...

me too, the packaging is cute, but just the boxes/zebra, andleaopard print part but they killed it with the lines/checkered ehhhH!!

smiley13tree said...

Do you remember the Brave New Bronze lipstick? I saw it on Temptalia and it looked so beautiful.

iambeautiful20 said...

Hello. I never go to the Alley because its way more expensive and they rip people off left and right lol. The Alley is not that far from San Pedro Wholesale mall. Its 7th st. and San Pedro st. Come very early on saturdays coz they take the clothes back in as early as 11:30am.

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