Friday, May 8, 2009


I have been dying to try this because I don't think there is a lippie that lasts.  This one is no exception, but it lasted longer than a regular lippie for sure. I bought it on clearance as a tester.  I have to say the lip color stayed on the lips for at least 2 hrs. which is good. It wasn't drying at all, but he moisture stick that goes on top wore off right away. I'll use my own lip gloss next time.
I also bought the Max Factor long wear lippie, which is a big no, no. I'm going to buy this product again in a nude color to see how I like it. I'm going to review the Mac Pro Longwear next.

Anyone tried these out? What colors are good? 


mewmew112 said...

Hi there~
I have the CG Outlast (regular) in 524 Everbloom and it's a lovely retro-pink colour. I like the long-wearing concept, but I do find it fades in patches, maybe the Smoothwear you have is a better formula. Does it fade in patches?

Chrissy said...

Hmmm.. I definitely will check these out. I was looking for lippie this morning but I guess too late! XD Should have read blogs first. Bleh.

Sarah said...

Oooh I will have to check these out too!!! It is so hard to find a long lasting lippie!!!

abby said...

does it have a sticky texture? i guess the reason i don't really wear lippies is cause they either dry on me, smear, or just have a really sticky texture. blah i wish i could wear lippies and not have problems :) lol

Coleen said...

Plumberry is my favorite color. Outlast used to last all day when it was in the blue (not white) pkg. Anybody else notice a difference? I still use it because it lasts longer than any other lippie I've tried, but I wish they'd go back to the original "recipe." I also tried the Outlast lipstain. It didn't last long and you can't wear a gloss over it or it comes right off.

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