Saturday, May 16, 2009


First let me start with a little rant:
This week I have been hearing a lot about John/Kate. Do any of you watch that show John/Kate +8?  If so you know they are a reality tv family who are coping w/dealing w/twins & sextuplets. Well, what kind of role model family have they been selling?  He's been caught w/his 23 yr. old girlfriend, & she's with the bodyguard. What? They told on each other, & they're families also told on them. So, how has this family been going to do paid speaking engagements to all the churches? I actually saw that she was coming to our local church & they were selling tickets!

Next Elizabeth Edwards new book. I feel for her so much. Not only is she dealing w/terminal cancer, but her wonderful husband has been sneaking into hotels meeting his lover! But what i don't understand is people bashing her for writing her story? Why shouldn't she? She could be gone tomorrow, & maybe this her way of finding peace with it. Don't read her book then!

Update & News:I'm going to start posting my favorite product of the week & products I used a lot each month. I love when I see these posts. It makes me go back & use things I forgot about. It could be random stuff, not just makeup. I have learned so much from all of you, & really saved a lot because of  your reviews. Thanks!!

Sorry this is so long. So what's your weekly rant?


Anonymous said...

personally john and kate,, had probably been done for a long time ago, because they just dont get along, but kate does a good job with those kids, because its harder then we think raising one imagine rasing 8 kids.. and 6 toddlers and two 8 or 9 year olds thats alot. and she deserves more credit than people give her...

good post,, :)
i should do that too.. especially when im bored

Rai said...

Well even on Jon & Kate's show you can obviously see tension between them.
She seems as though she nags him ALL the time.
I don't think these are just rumors, but money changes people. And If they cared about their marriage, they would stop the reality show.

And Elizabeth Edwards seems as though she hasn't fully accepted her husband cheated on her. People are ALWAYS going to have something to say, my mom purchased her book the other day.

I think more so people don't get why she stayed with him.

JulieMua said...

I'm so looking forward to seeing her.. My dr. will induce me Tuesday but she wont be here till the next day. My in laws are coming to help out the first two nights. They are bring us a nanny and someone to help out with the house! which is going to help me out a lot because none of my parent's are going to be here for the birth of my baby..
We need all the help we can get lol
I've been cleaning the house like crazy! were turning the house upside down cleaning.. I would have to take a break every 10 min lol

mzkrystall said...

i love watching jon & kate plus 8. are they really dating different people?! i know that they're coming up with their new season soon?! i feel sorry for the little kiddos. i love themm!! they are so cuute

AbcGrrrL said...

What?! YOu have to pay to attend church because Kate was a speaker?!! That's crazy ... I mean yes, I know it helps with her family and all, but aggggh.. just a lil too much "celeb" power :(

The whole Jon and Kate thing saddens me. I'm just concerned about the children :(

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