Thursday, May 7, 2009


This is my go-to breakout fixer. I put it on at night & under my makeup when I get or feel a pimple coming on. I've tried a lot of other products, but this works the fastest & best.
I have oily skin so it doesn't dry me out, but be careful, this Will dry your skin out.  You don't put it all over, just on the pimple. Honestly, I love all the neutrogena products.

What's your favorite drugstore product?


Crissy said...

I've tried that and it just gave me dry patches D': So I tend to stick to Clean and Clear.

Sher said...

I Totally agree! this recently got d/ced here and my skin went nuts when i stopped using it.

smiley13tree said...

Oh I would love to dry that! Right now, I'm using Bye Bye Blemish, which is the drugstore version of Mario Badescu's drying lotion.

Jennnyy. said...

if you like that, you should try clean & clear's acne spot treatment too! i love it :)

JulieMua said...

I can not live without on the spot! my go to for break out! n ive been breaking out a lot since i've been pregnant. do you use the acne stress face wash? i love that too!

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