Friday, May 29, 2009


I have a few haul posts I'm going to get up, but first I wanted to do my faves for May. 

I've been doing the bronzy look a lot this month. It's almost summer, and it's so easy & fast.


Mac  - I have been using Hue alone or on top of Myth l/s.
         - Indianwood paint pot- All over the lid as a base/eyeshadow with black liquid liner &                     it looks smokey and shimmery.  
         - Butternutty Shadestick-all over lid w/any color on the crease. It's pinky beige, so it goes 
            with any color.
The Balm Shady Lady - I have to review this because it's sooo amazing, plus 3 of the colors are                                             liners.
Drugstore - Organic Wear Mascara
                   - Fabuliner Liquid Liner($2) at walgreens, its amazing!
                   - Jane Mineral Blush- All the colors are glowing without the glitter.
Bronzer - is from Marshalls. It was $5 and it looks like a tan, not orange. I also use this on my 
                  body & legs. Don't forget to enhance the cleavage!!!
Mineral Powder - Sally's La Femme Couture. I'm going to get 1 shade darker for the summer 
                                 because I'm sure I'll get darker. You could use this alone or as a setting 
                                 powder. It's makes your skin glow w/out the glitter. Love it too!!

What are your faves, please share. I love hearing about new products & old ones!!


Jenny9119999 said...

Great list. I'm loving Mac Hue at the minute too.

I have my May faves on a YT video. Check it out here

XRocksmama said...

I love Butternutty Shadestick, too. It's in my makeup bag so I have it with me all the time! I also enjoy my MAC Cherish LS at the moment. It looks pretty similar to Brave New Bronze LS from the SW collection, looks great with summer tan :)

Meya said...

every time i go to the store i see that mascara and im always so tempted to buy it so now i might have to give it a try =]]

Tali said...

I also loooove butternutty shadestick!
GReat list!!

DSK said...

I still need to try Hue!

smiley13tree said...

I can't wait to see your review on the eyeshadows. I want Hue!

Iyah said...

Thanks for sharing your faves. You gave me an idea! I need to do this every month!! Wooohooo!! :)

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