Saturday, May 9, 2009


I picked these up @ Marshall's the other day.  They have a bunch of Burt's Bee's.  I bought the lip shimmer in Vegas a few years back, but in the raspberry color.  The only thing that works for when my lips when they are dry is something minty.

The color on this is really light almost white, with a blue undertone. The lip shimmer was minty &  shimmery, but not very moisturizing.
These 2 actually came in a 3 pack w/a cute bee pouch, but my daughter swiped 1 & the pouch.  These are glosses & they taste like starburst. I didn't like them though.  They lasted on the lips all of 10 min & were not moisturizing at all. I think it actually dried my lips.
Although I love Burt's Bee's, I won't get either one again.  I have to stick w/my medicated, minty Blistex.
Any other great products for dry lips?


iambeautiful20 said...

oh noo that sucks to hear. theyre on the pricier side too right? Ive never tried them before. I need to visit my local Marshalls to see what goodies i can find.

emilieb84 said...

oh that realy sucks to hear that beacase there lip-balm is real mostrizing for my lips and i get realy bad chaplips at times. Always thanks for the great review!

smiley13tree said...

I don't really like those either...They remind me of Origins Smileage Lip Tint, which I like a lot better.

mzkrystall said...

that sucks. i always wanted to try burtsbees. i thought they were good! btw, thanks for letting me know about the lashes! i got me a few stocked up! lol

Tali said...

I have 4 lip gloss things.. My fave color is Rhubarb! Champagne color is waay too shimmery for me. But so moisturizing and soothing!

I didnt touch them for a month and now for some reason maybe they are dry & streaky! I dont get it :(

Anonymous said...

Burt's Bees Replenishing Lip Balm with pomegranate oil does wonders for me. When my lips are dry or chapped i put it on and after a day they are almost back to normal. It also smells amazing. You should try it , maybe it will do wonders for you

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