Friday, November 12, 2010


When the Mac Venomous Villains collection came out I was in Michigan, and by the time I got to the store, everything was sold out.  So I thought I would skip this collection.  Then when I got back home, I found my mac counter had a few items left.

De-Vil eyeshadow, Bite of an Apple Blush, & Briar Rose Beauty Powder

I really like the De-Vil eyeshadow, especially for a fall/winter look.  I did not have anything as bright as the Bite Of An Apple Blush,  I was excited they finally gave us a beauty powder that we could actually see the color of.  

L - R De-Vil, Bite Of An Apple, Briar Rose
I have been using the De-vil in the crease with browns and purples.  The Bite Of An Apple I find to be a little dry feeling, but the color is really pretty. I love the sheen of the Briar Rose on the cheeks.

My CCO's have had nothing to brag about.  I went a couple of times and came out with these two.  Push the Edge pigment and Blossoming cream blush.  This is my first Mac cream blush and I love it.  I think I may prefer cream over powder blush because of the finish.  I am not of fan of pigments, but I just love purples, and this is a rich royal purple color I could not leave behind.

Top- Blossoming
Bottom- Push the Edge

I haven't been to get any of the Holiday collection.  I love palettes, but these Holiday palettes are nothing I want to jump into.  I do like the plaid though and the little bags, but not a fan of the Mac travel brushes.    

Are you a fan of pigments?  How do you apply them?  Have you gotten anything from the Mac Holiday Collection?

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I was so excited to get some products from the new Senna Cosmetics Fall/Winter collection.  It is called Virtual Vintage and it is really beautiful.  You have to look at the gorgeous photograph of their model and products.

I reviewed their products a couple months ago, and I really love them.  They feel amazing on the skin, face, and lips.  The colors in this collection are perfect for the fall, winter, and holidays.

 Top- Valentina (cream lipstick)
Bottom- Garnet (shear lipstick)

The Valentina is the most perfect red lip.  It is the old Hollywood, Marilyn Monroe red.  Garnet has these specks of gold that give so much dimension to the lip.  They feel so good and hydrating on.

Lush Lip Lacquer
Dusty Rose  Lip Liner

The Senna Lip Lacquers are so rich and pigmented.  The staying power is amazing.  It just stays on the lip.  The gold flecks just brighten the lip without it looking or feeling glittery.  Its got jojoba and Vitamin E that leaves your lips so soft.  

The lip liner glides on without feathering and I really like this color.  It is a good neutral shade that goes with so many lipsticks.

Swatches L- R
Garnet - Valentina - Lush -Dusty Rose

This is one of my favorites.  It is the mineral mix Buff and Brighten.  It leaves your skin looking dewy and silky.  It is not glittery, but it gives a sheen.  If you wear mineral makeup, you could mix some in, but I use as a finishing powder after my foundation.  I use matte foundations because of my oily skin, it this just brightens up my face.

The container has two parts.  The bottom is the finishing powder and the top is a highlighter.  It a white crystal soft powder that blends into the skin.  It does not look like you have glitter sitting on your cheeks like a lot of highlighters.

Eye Color

 Left- Fixation   Right- Blend  

Left - Blend  Right- Fixation
Their eye shadows are really pigmented, that is one swipe.  I have replaced my Mac Brule with Blend eye color.  I put blend all over the eye, and it just makes any eyeshadow bend out nicely.  They have so many color and finishes.  Take a look at the varieties and colors here.

 Sugar Lip Scrub
With all the weather changes, I have needed this scrub.  My lips have been peeling because I have been using a lot of matte lipsticks.  I just put a little on my lips at night and wipe it off.  It gets the dead skin off and makes my lips smooth.

Take a look at the Senna Cosmetics website.  See if there are some things you would like to try.  I want to get more of the lipsticks and lip lacquers.  They make my lips feel fuller and softer.  I also want to try some foundation because I love the Mineral Mix.

These poducts were provided to me.  I am not being paid.  These are my own opinions.

Have you tried anything from Senna?  

Saturday, November 6, 2010


This month I tried so many new products that I have loved.

- Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Foundation
- Maybelline Dream Matte Powder
- NYC Matte Powder Bronzer
- Mac Cream Blush Blossoming
- Mac Mineral Blush Gentle
- Mac e/s De-vil
- Senna e/s Blend
- Revlon Lipsticks Smoked Peach & Just Enough Buff
- Jordana Lip Pencil Nude
- Rimmel Max Volume Flash Mascara
- Essence of Beauty Blender Brush- for foundation
- Coastal Scents Large Shadow Brush - packs on the color fast
- Rock & Republic Crease Brush - Most favorite brush, it just blends out the color without effort

I am going to review a lot of these products.  A lot of these products are really affordable and work great.

What's your favorite product this month? 

Friday, October 22, 2010


In my drugstore haul, I had said that I was using the Dream Matte Mousse.  I wanted to try a new powder with it.  When I put up my review of the Maybelline Dream Matte Powder, which I said I didn't like, I got a lot of comments saying how much they loved the powder.  So, I went back and took it out.
I am so glad I did.  This time I took a powder puff or sponge and pressed it onto my T-zone.  It really made a difference.  When I used a powder brush, it just flew everywhere, but didn't really stay on my face.
If you have oily skin the Matte Mousse and powder are really good products together.  Thanks for all the positive comments on the powder, it made me try it again.

What is the product that you gave a second chance and loved?

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I picked up these moccasins a few weeks ago, but it was really warm in California and didn't get a chance to wear them.  Today and this whole week, it's been cold and damp.  The fall weather has arrived.  
These were buy 1 pair of shoes and get 1/2 off the second pair at Off Saks Fifth.  I got a pair for my daughter too.  They are really soft , warm and comfy.  
When I was at Rite-Aid last week, I went down their shoe/slipper aisle.  I saw so many cute winter booties, slippers, and shoes.  They had a pair of moccasins in a camel color I liked. I think they were $10-15.  They always have sales, so I'm going back to see what I can find for those cold fall/winter mornings.  
Drugstores carry everything now.  What was the most interesting thing you've found or bought at a drugstore?

Sunday, October 17, 2010


Rite-Aid had 40% off Maybelline last week and I picked up a few things to try and to review.  I had tried the Dream Matte Mousse a long time ago and I liked it.  I can say this much so far, I really love it.  The powder foundation is great too.  the Colossal mascara is a shiny black, but it has this scent that I am not too fond of.

My Hard Candy bronzer broke, and I found this pretty matte bronzer by NYC.  It comes in 2 shades and doesn't make the face look shiny, glittery, or ashy.

I tired a couple of shades of the Wet and Wild Nail polish, but they chipped off too quick.  The Mega Last is a bit better.

Finally, a Revlon Matte lipstick from the new collection in Smoked Peach 013.  It's a very pretty perfect coral.  I love the matte shades from Revlon. They are really pigmented and have staying power.

These are really some first impressions.  I'll have to do some better reviews when I have used them longer.  I have to say how much I have been loving drugstore products.  They have come a long way.

What was your latest drugstore find?

Thursday, October 14, 2010


Shopping in my makeup stash I found this Obssesive Compulsive Lip Tar I got at IMATS.  It's in the color Melange.

When I first tried it on I was not in love. It felt gloopy and just too much. It ran above my lip line and stuck on to my teeth.  
 When I found it again, I figured out I was putting it on wrong.  You just need a small amount.  A little goes a long way.  A lip brush or just using your finger is the best way to put it on.  
I love this color.  It's a beautiful smokey coral and it has amazing staying power.  I used some on my cheeks and it looked so pretty too.  
They come in a wide range of colors. I saw Some of the new shades the have and the look very wearable.  Some of the shades are too much color and pigmentation.  Look at swatches before you order because they turn out just like the color in the tube.
They are $12.50 FOR 8ML, but a little goes a long way.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


It's been a crazy couple of weeks.  Two weeks ago I got a call that my aunt had passed away. It was 1 month before her 60th birthday.  She had been fighting Cancer, an awful word, for a couple of years.  She was getting weaker, but on the day she passed, she was going to being released from the hospital.   Even though we all knew she was so sick, it was a complete shock.  I flew back to Michigan right away for the funeral.

What I wanted to say is that don't wait until it's too late to tell someone how much they mean to you, how much you love them, and appreciate what they have done for you.  I saw my aunt last summer and we talked and laughed, and I told her I love her and hugged her as hard as I could.  I wanted her to know how much she meant to me.  I was lucky, but unlucky too because I wasn't there more for her, or my cousin who was taking care of her for the last years.  I was 2,000 miles away.  I always talked to my cousin and told her I was here for her if she wanted to talk, yell, cry, or scream.  I was going to be strong for her when she couldn't be strong for herself.  It all feels not enough still.

Appreciate the people you love everyday and tell them how you feel about them whenever you can.  There is no better feeling than knowing you are so loved.  Be there for all the good times and even more in the bad.

Saturday, September 25, 2010


I always look at boxes, baskets, or anything that could become a storage box.  It's always hard to stay neat and organized when it comes to the makeup and bathroom products.  What I hate more, is having a whole bunch of stuff on top of my vanity.  So, I found this beautiful box/basket for $10 at Ross. 

I love that it has a lid too.  This what I did with it.

I took all the things I use on a daily basis and put it inside.  I have Huggies Natural wipes that I use to wipe off makeup, wipe my vanity, or even spot clean my brushes.  They are hypoallergenic and have aloe and vitamin E in them.  Then I have my foundation, concealer, bronzer, foundation brush, eye/crease brush, and my 2 favorite Mac palettes.  For my everyday routine this is perfect.  I'm not looking through my drawers and pulling stuff I don't need out, making more of a mess.
I think what I like more, is it has cut down on the time it takes me to get ready.  Everything is right there and it looks neat.

How is your makeup area set up?  What's your favorite storage item?

Thursday, September 23, 2010

MY NEW HAIR ROUTINE - drugstore products

I noticed the hair for fall is really messy, beachy waves or curls.  My hair is really course and wavy/curly, but I needed a little help to relax the curls. 

 I have been using the New Dove shampoo and conditioner in intense therapy.  Using these alone and I really don't need any other products.  My hair becomes super soft and manageable.  I also recently tried using Johnson's baby shampoo.  You don't get much of a lather, but it leaves your hair super soft too.  I feel like it's lighter and a more natural product.  I love all of Johnson's & Johnson products.  They have come out with an organic line too.  I figure if it's good for babies delicate skin, it's good for ours.

The only 2 products I really use after I wash my hair are heat protectant and Biosilk serum.  If I want my waves to be really relaxed I'll use Biosilk.

I either use the conical iron or 1 inch curling iron.  My favorite comb, the teasing comb from Sally's.

What I Do
I wash my hair and put in some Biosilk.  I let it air dry completely.  Then I take either the curling iron or conical and and take small random pieces and curl them.  It's not a perfect or even curl.  Then I take my little comb and tease it, but not just underneath, but on top too.

I am using less heat because I'm not drying or flat ironing my hair.  I just curl a few pieces.  Best of all it's really easy and effortless.  The hair products are inexpensive.  My hair feels better and I am working with my natural texture.

What are you doing differently with your hair? have you found a great drugstore hair product?

Monday, September 20, 2010

URBAN DECAY NAKED PALLETTE - Do you need it? (dupe alert)

I got sucked up into the hype, again, and I should have just passed.  I walked into Ulta and there was one left, and I thought I'll get it.  I am a neutral girl, so all these colors in one palette seamed like a good buy.

The colors are beautiful, but guess what?  They are the same colors that are in all the other palettes that I have by Urban Decay.  I know it comes in one palette, but I have other cheaper palettes that are actually different neutrals and without the glitter fall out on my face.  

This coastal Scents 28 Neutral palette has most if not more shades at half the price.  I know the quality is not exactly the same, but these colors are just as beautiful.  Not to mention the fact that there is a whole lot less glitter in these colors. 
Another great dupe is the E.L.F. palettes.  For $5 you get great colors and pigmentation in one case.

In the end, I should have walked on by because there are too many other cheaper palettes that are similar. Plus the fact I feel like I keep buying the same product from Urban Decay over and over.

What are your favorite neutral colors?

Sunday, September 19, 2010


I bought some sheets the other day and they came in a plastic case with a zipper on top.  Don't throw out these cases.  They are perfect for travel.  it makes a perfect travel bag not just for makeup.

This is a couple of I packed for a overnight trip.  I loved it because I could see what I was looking for and I got tons of room left over.  I could have put in my brush roll too.  

One thing I hate is when my bras and undies go into the suitcase and they end up all over.  I packed them all in this one.  I feel like it's much cleaner too.

In the last one, I put all the shampoos, body sprays and anything that will cause a big mess in. It's so easy to clean up, just wipe with a damp cloth.

I think this these are great to keep everything neat, clean, and organized.  Your clothes and shoes are protected from anything spilling or breaking.  I need to find a smaller one for my makeup now.

What do you pack your makeup in when traveling? Do you have any travel tips? 

Friday, September 17, 2010


We were in Las Vegas a couple of weeks ago and I did a little makeup shopping.  I have been looking at Rock and Republic makeup for a while, and decided to treat myself.  

The cases on all the products are so beautiful and real great quality.

Contrived, Bedroom,  Pressed Powder Suede

Suede powder, Bedroom, Contrived
The powder is sheer. It's perfect for setting because it feels silky on the face.  The blush colors are ALL beautiful. I tried to pick 2 very different colors.  I thought that Contrived blush would be a good bronzer too.

Provocative, Revenge
How perfect are these for fall.  They are just silky and pigmented like crazy.

These brushes and the handles are really beautiful.  They are soft, full, sturdy, and work great.

Rock and Republic has done an amazing job with this products.  Of course the downfall, they are pricey.   I have seen a lot of sites where they sell them for up to 50% off.  It does make them a whole lot more affordable.  If you want to give yourself a treat, try the blush first. Just the compact will make you fall in 
What's been your latest treat for yourself?  Have you tried Rock and Republic?

Monday, September 13, 2010


Look how pretty!!! Clogs are huge for fall.  The funny thing is, is that I bought this last month at Nordstrom Rack for $50, but I just saw them at Macy's and Nordstoms.  Did I mention they were on sale for $89?  They are so cute on, super sexy looking, but most of all very comfortable. I love the studs along the sides.  I may have to find a matching purse with these.  I'm thinking all black outfit and the clogs and my new imaginary purse.
 If you have a Rack near you and are looking for clogs, check them out.  I also saw them in a black closed toe.  I'm thinking of going back to give them a try.  At Nordstom's I saw the most beautiful boots.  Ugg had clog boots, soooooo beautiful.  I love boots, but hate the hefty prices.

Do you like the clogs for fall/winter?  What type of shoe or boot are you shopping for?

Friday, September 10, 2010


I make lists of all the things I want to look at or want to buy.  I always say I'll remember the color or product, but that never happens.  This is my what my Mac list look like.

Mac Face and Body foundation

Fleur Power

Fig 1
Star Violet
Plum Dressing
Brule (I hit pan)

Creme Cup
Kinda Sexy

I keep looking at the collections, but I think I should try to pick up some of these next.

What's on your Mac Wish list?

Thursday, September 9, 2010


An iPad was my Mamma's Day present this year and it's great, but I still have a hard time blogging on it.
Does anyone blog from their iPad?  If you do, could you let me know how you do it.   Are there any good apps. for blogger?  

What's your favorite iPhone or iPad app?

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


This is my new best friend in the kitchen.  I had the most tender tasting chicken, and when I asked how they got the chicken so soft and tender, this is what it was,  Kraft Zesty Italian.
I have been marinating everything with it.  Meats and veggies come out yummy.  I have also been using for salad dressing, haha, of course.   

It has the perfect blend of seasonings, garlic, vinegar and oil.  The food doesn't come out sour from the vinegar.  I also just add a couple tablespoons when I am sauteing meat or making any side dish.  

Today I took cheery tomatoes and sauteed them in a  1TBS. dressing until soft. You don't need any more because the tomatoes release some liquid.  I added cooked microwaved brown rice, 2 squirts of dressing,  a bag of spinach and warmed everything through.   Chicken would complete this dish, but I didn't have any.  It was delish!  

It also comes in Fat Free(mmm I don't know if I like this one) and one made with olive oil, but I'm going to try different flavors too.  Saves me the time and money of buying all the different seasonings.  It's easy in a bottle.

What is your secret cooking weapon?  What's your favorite dressing?

Sunday, September 5, 2010


This collection was really pretty and there was something for everyone.  I think the lipsticks were really unique and something different.  I also picked up a lipstick from the Didi- Pop Collection.

L - R
Leopard Luxe Quad 
Infused with Glam- Digi- Pop collection

The quads in this collection were all really dupable with other colors in the permanent line, but I just like this color combo so much.  It's small enough to go with me and go from day to night.

L - R
Infused with Glam
Aristo- Cat
Aritso-Cat is so pretty.  It's a pink/lavender with a gold undertone.  It really looks different each time I put it on.  
Infused With Glam ahhhhh, I am not a glitter girl, I think the glitter will end up all over, but I LOVED all the lipsticks in this collection.  I wish they would make them in regular colors.  There were so many I wanted, I shocked myself.  I only got one, but I'm going to try it out and let you know if I end up like a disco ball.

Have you gotten anything from Mac lately or their collections?  What's your next Mac purchase?

Friday, September 3, 2010


I have come to the conclusion that I am not a lip stain girl.  I was dying to try these because so many brands came out with them.  CVS had a BOGO and I tried to pick the 2 lightest shades, since they all looked pretty dark to me.

Top -  #420
Bottom - #415
They don't have the name just numbers on the bottom the bottom of the lip stains.  

On my hand the colors look different, but on the lip, it looks pretty much the same.  I couldn't put it on evenly.  The stain came out liquidity and one part stained the lip darker than the other.
What I disliked the most, is the fact my lip look flat.  I looked like a little kid who just ate a popsicle.
I think I'm over have a perfect lip stained lip.

Have you tried a lip stain? What's a good way to put it on?

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


At IMATS this year, seen here, I bought a beautiful palette from Senna Cosmetics.  I loved the feel, color, and pigmentation of it.  You have shadows, blush, highlight, bronzer, and powder in one.  I sent it to my sister-in-law because I knew she would love it.  More importantly, she's a  freelance MUA and works in the movie industry, and this has so many products in one case.  I was right because she uses all the time and loves it too.  So, when I was contacted by Senna Cosmetics to try some products, I was super excited.  I know how great the palette is, and was excited to try more products.
I was not at all disappointed.  These products are just as wonderful.

They carry a full line of cosmetics and brushes.  I found foundation, mineral makeup, shadows, brow kits, and palettes. I like the full range of colors in foundation and powder,  from light to dark skin tones.The prices range from $15-$95.  They also do not test on animals.

Look on Senna Cosmetics site for all their products and descriptions of their products.

MYTH e/s
That is one swipe.  My true test of color payoff.  It's long lasting, but there is some glitter fall out.  I want to try their matte shadows next.

This is very sticky and thick, but does not move, even when you eat.
Says its a sheer tone, but I think it has a lot of color.  What I like about this is the SPF and i is moisturizing too. It sinks into the lips.

    TOP - Glint topped with Alabaster
MIDDLE-Alabaster Lip Lacquer
BOTTOM- Glint(Tyra Banks named this a best pick on her show)

JOY Blush
This is my favorite product I tried.  It is like a blush and highlight in one.  For me, it is what Mac Stereo Rose would look like in a blush.


TOP Mac Stereo Rose
BOTTOM- Senna Myth blush

Dual Ended Brush
Super soft, but this gives a sheer color wash.

 I want to get a palette for myself so I'll have more products to try and it will be great for travel too.  

Have you tried senna Cosmetics?  Which products would you like to try?

Disclaimer: These products were sent to me and it is my honest review.  I am not getting compensated for my review.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I know it's another haul, but it's the perfect time of year to buy those cute summer dresses.  Macy's has great sales, especially on weekends.  I bought all these for $34.  The first one was $20 and the other 2 were $10.  Use your Macy's card for 20% off.

I love the detail pocket on this dress.

I love the shoulders of this dress.  I can wear this dress alone or with leggings and heals.

I'm waiting for the weather to warm up, but we are planning a trip to Vegas and Palm Springs.  I know its in the 100's there.  It's perfect for summer dresses!

Do you like to wear dresses?  What about in the the winter months?
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