Wednesday, June 30, 2010

IMATS PASADENA 2010 - HAUL (pic heavy)

I didn't plan on going to IMATS this year, but my mom was in town and and she has never been, so the damage was made.  Sorry, it's pic heavy, but I wanted to get a picture of everything.


This palette was $50, I think it was $80 last year


Travel Kit for me $25 w/the roll

This is for my sister-in-laws makeup kit & a 78 palette ($19)

My moms brushes w/free brush holder

The little red Kabuki was free when you signed up for their newsletter, plus you get 40% off all their brushes on-line

OCC Lip Tar($10), my first and the blushes are good for travel($7)

Model in a Bottle($12) Bobbie Brown was all 40% off that's the concealer & corrector ($12 each)

Sunlab was really good. Any 4 self tanners + bag for $50 + a $50 gift certificate

It was hot crowded and crazy in there, but I think they had really great deals this time.  I saw some gurus walking around, buying things, and doing demos.  I'm glad I battled the heat and crowds!
I'm planning on doing reviews.  Let me know what you want to see!!


EveryDay Makeup (becky) said...

awwww...i didn't get to see you. i went on saturday.

by the way, good stuff you got. How is the Senna palette?

GiGi said...

I wish I would have saw you too, but I was there on Sunday.

The Senna palette is so nice. The colors are beautiful.

Tina-Bobeena said...

woow, nice haul!!! gosh you got some great deals!!! can you do a review on the crown brush set? that's a dirt cheap deal you got on them! :) Thank you for sharing your pix!

GiGi said...

@Tina Bobeena I sure will. I'm washing them today, and using them, s I'll let you know. I hope they're good!

Diana said...

Awesome haul!
I want the OCC liptars for ages now!
Prob get them at the end of the year. Love to see swatches.x

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