Monday, June 28, 2010


These are my top face products for under $10


Cover Girl Clean - light - medium foundation fells like your own skin
Maybelline Super Stay- for dry skin long wearing
Revlon ColorSaty- oily/dry skin med. - heavy coverage all day wear
Rimmel Stay Matte- Very light coverage, but good for oily skin
Bonnie Bell Highlighter-  Gives a beautiful shine, not glittery or sparkly, & four shades in 1
ELF All Over Color Sticks - they give you a soft dewy shimmer/highlight
Maybelline Mineral Blush - These have major staying power, a ton of product, beautiful colors

What's your #1 face product under $10?


Stavroula said...

awwww the pic got cut off on the right side :(

My #1 face product under $10 is definitely Revlon Colorstay Foundation!! It controls my oiliness, it's unbeliavable!!

pfefi said...

Mine is Maybelline Dream Mousse concealer! I use the 2nd lightest color as it is rather peachy and works GREAT on my undereye.

Stavroula said...

@pfefi hmmm.. interesting!! how's the shade you got called??

pfefi said...

"Light (4-5)"! At my CVS there were four shades: two light, one medium, and one dark; the one I have is the darker of the two "Light" shades. My skin is MUFE 120 (supposedly NC25-30?) and I apply with the $1 ELF foundation brush. :D

pfefi said...

Oh and P.S. when I bought it a few weeks ago there was a $2 manufacturer's coupon hanging out with the Dream Matte Mousse foundation which was valid on the concealers too! :D

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