Sunday, January 31, 2010


I went to Walmart for my usual stock up and found these 2 great products from Hard Candy.  I want to try so many of their products.

Anyways, my 2 new ones are both so pretty.  You could use the eyeshadow & bronzer wet or dry.  The color is crazy pigmented dry and when it's wet, WOW, really shows up.  They are easy to blend and very smooth and silky.

Eyes- 065 Rush Hour  Bronzer-132 Heat Wave

This is the swatch of Rush Hour- it reminds me of Mac Gleam & Mulch that I got in the Get the Look Mac had this summer.

I bought this lipstick a while back and I loved the color, but wasn't sure of how creamy/shiny it was.  Now I use it all the time.  I use it on all the lip colors I want to tone down or make look more smokey.

This is a creamy eye shadow base that I bought before, that I though I would love.  I didn't, it was really greasy and creased.  I love purples, but this was looking more bruised than purple.  I wanted the black one, but I'm not sure now.

Final thoughts:
I am going to try more of the Hard Candy.  They are pigmented and easy to blend in.  A great price.  The packaging is a little young, but I like it!

What do you suggest from Hard Candy, colors or products?  So much of it was sold out, I'm not sure what I saw.

Friday, January 29, 2010


This is a MUST for allergy, dry, burning eyes & eye lids.
I bought this at Walmart for $4.50. I have tried so many things for my eyes because of my horrible eye allergies. I didn't think they would really do the job, but I will try anything to help.

These pads are for around the eye, not in the eyes. The pads are not drenched, but moist, and very very moisturizing. They could be used as eye makeup remover, but I use it after I take the eye make up off. The pads clean and sooth the eye at the same time. They are so moisturizing, but not greasy. Even if I didn't have allergies, these are great.

You feel like your eyes are clear after using. Sometimes my lids & eyes get so dry, but this hasn't happened since using these. I always use eye primer, and the pads don't leave a greasy film. My lids are soft and moisturized, and the eye shadows stay on.

Give them a try whether you have allergies or not. It's a great product.

Do have suggestions on products or makeup for allergy, dry or sensitive eyes or face? I would love to know.

Sunday, January 24, 2010


I got my Alice in Wonderland palette from Urban Decay on Friday. It was $52.00 for 16 shadows, 2 liners, & a mini primer potion.

I think the palette is so sweet. I'm a packaging sucker.

This is the top cover. it has a mirror which is really nice & clear.
Here is the drawer opened. There is little bunnies on the drawer & the names of the colors are from Alice in Wonderland story.
The colors are beautiful, silky, smooth, & very pigmented.
Now this is my first Urban Decay palette. I have bought Urban Decay as presents, but shied away from it because I thought the colors were too bold or glittery. I'm using more color now, so I thought it was a great deal for these products. Although the glitter factor is still present in some colors.

If you collect the palettes or have other palettes, these colors are ones you have. They are not new colors, just a new package. I am happy with them, love them, but I don't think I would want to keep buying the same colors over & over, no matter how much I liked the shadows.

What are your thoughts on Urban Decay & their palettes?

I want to try other products, what are some must haves or must try?

Thursday, January 21, 2010


I was at TJMaxx & came across this curling iron/hair straightener combo for $15, & I thought this would be great for travel. Here is the flat iron part:
This is the flat iron locked & the curling iron part.
I opened it & the first thing I noticed is how cheap it was made & it was all plastic. When I tried the flat iron part it was so loose, my hair didn't touch the iron. I tried to hold it down harder & burned myself.

I put it back & & returned it. I didn't even try the curling iron part. I'm back to my flat iron & curling iron.

Have you seen a product like this or tried one? I would love to try a good one, & get rid of so many tools.

What's your fave hair tool?

Saturday, January 16, 2010

"THAT WAS THE BEST KISS"...the only Lip Gloss I'll ever wear...

Let me tell you the story. I was out for date night last night, & my hubby leaned over & gave me a kiss, then he said "Wow! that was the best kiss!" I thought it was nice, but the best, OK I guess. So an hour goes by & he asks what I have on my lips! He said your lips look & taste amazing.

This is the only gloss I'm going to wear when I'm with the hubbby. A $4 Bonnie Bell from Walmart, I reviewed it here. The only thing in many, many years of marriage that caught his attention. He actually thought about this gloss!

What is your secret weapon? Your favorite product that gets Attention when you wear it?

Monday, January 11, 2010


Rite-Aid is having a BOGO on Revlon this week. I ran out & bought the PhotoReady Foundation & Powder.
Color 005 Beige Natural
HD Powder Light Medium

First Impressions:
I Love Revlon Colorstay & I am a 300 Golden Beige. This foundation is Not like RevlonColorstay at all. The consistency is very thin & watery.

It's a medium coverage. It's very close to MUFE HD, but not Nars sheer glow. Its flat & looks matte. I don't see the dewy look at all. You can't really see the shimmer, but they are there in certain light. The foundation settles in the lines, that's a no, no!

The worst thing is the color selection. All the colors look like they could be Mac NW shades. I stood there forever, & I still think I am going to have to get the Nude color. I walked around the store in different light & I still had a hard time picking a color.

The powder I am indifferent on. It's not bad.

This is just day 2, but I am not sold on it at all yet!!

Have you tried this? What have you heard about this foundation? What color are you using?

Friday, January 8, 2010

MAC WARM & COZY & MAC ALL RACES HAUL +swatches/thoughts on the Mac collection

These are the only 2 things I picked up from ALL the new collections.

Warm & Cozy - Milled Cider Eye Shadow

All Races, All Ages, All Sexes - All's Good Beauty Powder Blush

Milled Cider Swatch
All's Good Swatch
Milled Cider is really the only one that I thought looked different or showed up. Today I used it all over w/Carbon in the outer V, which was a quick & easy smokey eye. Is it a great color, no it's OK!

All's Good Blush I thought would be great for summer, a bronzer, or contour. The blush color is really pretty & smooth.

The rest of the collections were OK. I have so many dupable colors, & by Mac. The e/s are like all the rest of the collections, they hardly show up & very dry feeling & looking. The lipsticks all look alike from the collections. They look like colors I already own. The MSF's were so glittery, I love the thought of the MSF, but never use them, too shiny.

Mac in Lillyland collection was a beautiful idea, with some beautiful colors, but the execution, not so much. I really wanted the blush, but when I swirled it it came out looking like a yellow & green bruise on my face. The cream blushes were so pretty, but I am not a cream blush person. The same fore the lippies. The e/s hardly showed.

All in all, I could have passed on everything. The colors were pretty, but the permanent line is better quality & easily dupes what has come out. The eye shadows I am convinced are a cheaper quality. I asked the MUA why this was & she fell silent. Oh, after I told her I wasn't interested in the shade stick, she said,"yeah, they dry out way too fast."

So these are my thoughts & opinions. What do you think of the Mac Collection? Is there anything that really stands out to you?

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

HAPPY 2010

Wishing you a great New Year from me & my family!

This my hubby, me(new hair color), & my 2 girls who are now taller than me!

Sorry it's so late, but we spent the last week of vacation on vacation. We were in Vegas!! It was even better than last year. People were more into celebrating & the firework shows were awesome. Las Vegas Blvd. is a mini-Times Square where people celebrate, sing, dance, & drink!
We stayed at the New Aria, totally gorgeous, & MGM Grand! It was tiring, but great! Sorry I haven't been commenting, but I had a lot of the posts set up this month because my mom was visiting & the hubby & kids were off, so we were working on the house. I'll post up what we have done.

My New Years resolution this year is to stop stressing the things I can't change & be more selfish!!

How was your New Year? What did you do? Any resolutions?

Sunday, January 3, 2010

NEW BB CREAMS-Presents From the Hubby

The hubby, aka Suga Daddy, got back from a work trip & he visited Duty Free, yipee!

This is my favorite, an Anna Sui lipstick.
The case & lipstick are so beautiful, I am a package Junkie!!!
The lipstick is sheer & glossy. The color reminds me of Mac Myth. If you don't like the smell of roses, then you won't like these. I'm not a huge perfume smell fan of makeup.
This as a free gift, good for my purse.
Then these 2 Bb creams. I have had the black Hanskin, really love it, but haven't tried the other. I don't know any info on them because it's all written in Korean.
This is the one I really want to try BB magic night cream. It has no smell and is thick, but very light when you rub it in.
I went to a Amore store and the girl there told me BB creams are blemish creams for lightning the skin, & for wrinkles. I use my BB under my foundation because it is too light for a foundation, but now I may have been using it right. these BB's were $65 at Amore, hubby bought them for $30-35, but the rest of the makeup at the duty free in Korea was the same or more. Not a good deal.

Have you tried these BB creams? What's your opinion, do BB's really work?

What is a good deal at duty free, you know for next time!?!
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