Thursday, January 21, 2010


I was at TJMaxx & came across this curling iron/hair straightener combo for $15, & I thought this would be great for travel. Here is the flat iron part:
This is the flat iron locked & the curling iron part.
I opened it & the first thing I noticed is how cheap it was made & it was all plastic. When I tried the flat iron part it was so loose, my hair didn't touch the iron. I tried to hold it down harder & burned myself.

I put it back & & returned it. I didn't even try the curling iron part. I'm back to my flat iron & curling iron.

Have you seen a product like this or tried one? I would love to try a good one, & get rid of so many tools.

What's your fave hair tool?


DSK Steph said...

I saw that at TJ Maxx too! A few weeks ago, I've been hunting fora large barrel curling iron, no luck yet

GiGi said...

@DSK Steph have u tried Sally's? I have a preety good 1 from Jilbere.

Gaby said...

In my opinion, drugstores irons are always cheap... especially Revlon -_-

KiLLaCaM said...

I have three sizes of cheapy conair curling irons and they are still truckin! i bought them years ago and they still get super hot. I love them and have never invested in any hair tool that is over $30..which was my Helen of Troy flat iron...that got replaced by a conair flat irn i found at costco!

cleung341 said...

I actually had this one from Revlon, but it was the yellow ceramic. It was ok. The lock never worker, so I had to curl holding it down on my own. That was really hard. I just learned that I should never buy the 2 in 1's just bc they are usually made cheap.

Love, Sweetcheeks said...

oh my gosh. when i first read your post and saw the picture, i was like "wow, what a great invention" and then after i read your explanation of it, i was like "dang, i would have caved in so bad if i saw this product". Thanks for the informative post hun, now i know to beware :)

cLaRa711 said...

I have this and I agree the "Flat Iron" sucks, I like the curling part though. I get nice big loose curls, but my hair easily curls...

BTW I love my Helen of Troy Flat Iron.


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