Sunday, January 31, 2010


I went to Walmart for my usual stock up and found these 2 great products from Hard Candy.  I want to try so many of their products.

Anyways, my 2 new ones are both so pretty.  You could use the eyeshadow & bronzer wet or dry.  The color is crazy pigmented dry and when it's wet, WOW, really shows up.  They are easy to blend and very smooth and silky.

Eyes- 065 Rush Hour  Bronzer-132 Heat Wave

This is the swatch of Rush Hour- it reminds me of Mac Gleam & Mulch that I got in the Get the Look Mac had this summer.

I bought this lipstick a while back and I loved the color, but wasn't sure of how creamy/shiny it was.  Now I use it all the time.  I use it on all the lip colors I want to tone down or make look more smokey.

This is a creamy eye shadow base that I bought before, that I though I would love.  I didn't, it was really greasy and creased.  I love purples, but this was looking more bruised than purple.  I wanted the black one, but I'm not sure now.

Final thoughts:
I am going to try more of the Hard Candy.  They are pigmented and easy to blend in.  A great price.  The packaging is a little young, but I like it!

What do you suggest from Hard Candy, colors or products?  So much of it was sold out, I'm not sure what I saw.


glitteryeyesxx said...

Thanks for doing this review! I saw another beauty blogger was raving about the Rush Hour shadow, too! I'm going to pick this up when I run out to Wal-Mart today! =)

ndoodles said...

I really want the shadows! They look so pretty :D

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