Friday, January 29, 2010


This is a MUST for allergy, dry, burning eyes & eye lids.
I bought this at Walmart for $4.50. I have tried so many things for my eyes because of my horrible eye allergies. I didn't think they would really do the job, but I will try anything to help.

These pads are for around the eye, not in the eyes. The pads are not drenched, but moist, and very very moisturizing. They could be used as eye makeup remover, but I use it after I take the eye make up off. The pads clean and sooth the eye at the same time. They are so moisturizing, but not greasy. Even if I didn't have allergies, these are great.

You feel like your eyes are clear after using. Sometimes my lids & eyes get so dry, but this hasn't happened since using these. I always use eye primer, and the pads don't leave a greasy film. My lids are soft and moisturized, and the eye shadows stay on.

Give them a try whether you have allergies or not. It's a great product.

Do have suggestions on products or makeup for allergy, dry or sensitive eyes or face? I would love to know.


cLaRa711 said...

I need to try this.^^
My eyes usually burn when I use makeup remover. Have you tried the AVON eyemakeup Remover Lotion? That works great for me and it's so inexpensive.>_<

Instead of rubbing the eye creams/products, try just patting it on. I learned that tip a few months ago, and ever since then my eye creams don't burn at all!

Hope this is helpful =)


DSK Steph said...

Hey GIGI <3

Thank you for the comment. I'm glad I know there are others out there who have experience what I have just started to feel. >.<

It's a bit scary, but I hope over time --things will heal. : )

I've never seen those Visine Wipes before! That's so sweet! And for $4.50 --even better! I definitely will look out for these when I head out to shop.

Meya said...

i should probably give this a try... never heard about it, thanks =)

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