Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I know it's another haul, but it's the perfect time of year to buy those cute summer dresses.  Macy's has great sales, especially on weekends.  I bought all these for $34.  The first one was $20 and the other 2 were $10.  Use your Macy's card for 20% off.

I love the detail pocket on this dress.

I love the shoulders of this dress.  I can wear this dress alone or with leggings and heals.

I'm waiting for the weather to warm up, but we are planning a trip to Vegas and Palm Springs.  I know its in the 100's there.  It's perfect for summer dresses!

Do you like to wear dresses?  What about in the the winter months?

Saturday, August 14, 2010


I have worn these for a while now and I still don't know how good they work.  

The first day I wore them, my calves felt tighter or achy in the morning.  The next couple of days I didn't feel tightness, but I started getting a pain in my lower back.  A few days later, the pain went into the back of my legs.  Now the pain I was feeling wasn't a work out stretch in the legs, but leg and lower back aches.  I decided to leave them alone for  a while.

I went back to them a couple of weeks later, and the same thing happened.  I haven't worn them since.  I think the heel is too hard.  I was at a store where they sold knock-offs and I asked what the feed back was on them.  The sales person said they reviews were 50/50.  Love em or hate em.

My conclusion is the same.  Some people swear by them, I don't.  My back and legs hurt and that out weighs how tone my legs would get.   I think walking around in comfortable wedge heals will give you better results.

Have you tried the Shape-Ups?  Do yo think they work or heard they do?

Thursday, August 12, 2010


Forever 21 is great because you can look good on any budget.  I even think they have brought their prices down.  Tanks & Tees for $3.50 - 5.

This haul was a little funny to me. Why? Because I went in looking for long sleeved shirts in the middle of summer. Why do I need warm shirts?  I live on the coast in California and we have NO summer.  Our high has been 71/72 for weeks.  Not to mention its overcast, so I need long sleeves.

All these shirts were under $17.  I been loving cardigans and stripes this season.

I've been wearing a lot of blues.  It's a mood I'm in. It's the nest step up from black for me I guess.

Lace & pleats are big right now.

I love feathers and I couldn't pass up this wallet.  These aren't my favorite style because you can't get a lot in there, but I'll live.  I don't think it matches my purse either, but feathers!

I found these at Westminster Mall in Westminster, California.  It's a "$1" store, but everything is $1-4.  It's across DSW.  They really have great finds.  The rings were $2, earring $1, glasses $3, nail decals $2.   It reminds me of shopping in Santee Alley in the mall.  If your near, check it out.  

What's you latest and greatest cheap find?

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

NEW MICHAEL KORS WATCH/ a new reward program

I love Michael Kors watches, but they are pricey.  I found a great bargain though.  

I was passing through Loehmann's and found this blue Michael Kors watch for 1/2 off the retail price.  I got it for $90.00, and it retails for $195.   They still carry this style full price at all the counters.

I love the color and big chunky style.  I wear jeans a lot and thought this would be great for everyday.  Plus it does match my new purse too.

I love the MK on the dial and the thickness of the face.

Another thing I want to tell you about was that Loehmann's has a rewards program.  It's $10 a year and you get extra promos and coupons, plus extra percent off the month of your Birthday.  Best of all, you get 10% off with Every purchase.  I think it's a great discount program.  

Do you like watches?  Do you like shopping at Loehmann's?

Saturday, August 7, 2010


I Love these e.l.f. beauty books. All these beautiful colors and shadows for $5.   I bought one during Christmas at Target and I use it almost everyday.  That and my Mac palette are all the colors I need.  This is the Bright Eyes edition.  They have a smokey one also.  I picked this one.  Smokey eyes had a lot of the same colors as my first Encyclopedia Eyes Book, there is a review here if you want to see the colors.

These are limited edition, so if your interested, go and get one soon.  The shadows are pigmented and smooth.  They're glimmery, but not sparkly.  The palette itself is light weight and perfect for travel.


These colors are exact dupes for the Urban Decay Alice in Wonderland palette, that was sold out and limited edition also.  The e.l.f. eye shadows are more powdery, but still just as pigmented

Can you tell which are Urban Decay and which is the e.l.f.?

The top row is the e.l.f. and the bottom is the Urban Decay Alice in Wonderland palette.  Look how close they are in color.  Exciting!! 

Now I'm in the search of the other palettes.  

Have you tried the new palettes?  What is your favorite low end eye product?

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


R-L  Secret Crush  Coconut Butter  Coconut Passion

I used to be able to wear any perfume I wanted until allergies and sinuses invaded my life.  Now I am wearing light scents.  Nothing that hits you hard and only a few spritzes, kind of boring I know.  Here are a few of my favorites.

R-L  Heavenly Kiss  Dream Angels Heavenly  Pink Fresh and Clean

I love the Heavenly Kiss and Angels for night time.  It's the closest to a heavy scent I could get.  Smells sexy.  Pink fresh and Clean is great for a crisp daytime smell.

My favorite daytime/nighttime/anytime scent

Love Spell

What is your favorite perfume or body splash?

Sunday, August 1, 2010



Cargo Blush-Louisiana - I use it for a highlight
Laura Geller Blush - Pink Grapefruit - for me its like a blush w/ a highlighter in 1
N.Y.C. - creme blush - Pink Flash

ELF Blush brush - It's small enough just to do the apples of the cheeks

Mac Colour 3 Quad - Love that purple
Mac Mulch
Mac Expensive pink - crease color
Mac Haux- all over lid
Mac Artifact Paint Pot
Loreal Voluminous - Black curved brush- separates & lengthens

Revlon ColorBurst - Mauve
Boots NO 7 - Nude 15 - perfect nude that is on the pin side
Hard Candy- Fire Alarm  - I use it to lighten any color up

Sally's beauty teasing brush- this teases your hair way out!

What's your 1 favorite product this month?

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