Wednesday, November 11, 2009


This is a quick review & update on the E.L.F. beauty encyclopedia eyes at Target. It's the best $5 I have spent. I use this EVERYDAY, & use it at night the times I have gone out. I'm getting one for my mom, cousin, friend, & anyone I think would like one. The colors are rich, soft, pigmented,& blendable. Both my targets have been sold out of them, so I keep looking. I even use the little brush for my outer corner. The colors are a bit powdery, but not cheap looking. I wanted to post this for those of you who are thinking of getting this.

Also, while I was at Target i picked up some great brushes. The top one is the E.L.F. shadow brush & the next 2 are from the studio line that are $2, & the last one is from the E.L.F. palette.

The first 2 are the $2 ones. The larger one is great for packing on color & great at blending. I use the smaller one for the outer corners or under the lower lash line.
The one on the left is the E.L.F. shadow brush from target & the other is from my online order. The Target brush reminds me of the Mac 239. The bristles are shorter & rounder & perfect for the lid.
So, those are my great cheap finds at Target this week. E.L.F. is really doing some great things.
What are your great finds? Have you tried any of the Target products? What do you think of sponge applicators?


Love, Sweetcheeks said...

lol....i was gonna do a post on this palette too. i have the same one.

Yelena said...

This is great!! I just blogged about my recent mini E.L.F. haul from target and Hard Candy from Walmart! Great items :-)

GiGi said...

@Yelena I love Hard Candy! I am so getting some more products!

rayqueenbee said...

omg I purchase this today, haven't used it yet but I hope I like it. All the eyeshadow brushes were sold out already(how crazy is that.

Becky (everyday makeup) said...

hey gigi, thanks for stopping by and thanks for the compliment. You must do kim's look. its so easy, just go heavy on the liner.

anyway, i need to visit my local target. i want to get my hands on those elf brushes. I love brushes especially when they are good and cheap lol.

glimmeringmetal said...

hmm i like those eyeshadow brushes, looks good for packin on color

try em! take a pic!


Iyah said...

I have the smudge brush from target too! great brush :)

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