Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Halloween is over & it was fun. My girls were Killer Clown & Tinkerbell, & I was a Cat! We went to our local downtown where they shut off the streets & all the stores give out candy 7 have games. It was a cold, but fun night.
I guess you could guess at who is the shortest in our family! My hubby is 6'4" & the girls already passed on by my height, but I love it & I told them not to forget who's got the card that buys them what they want. Which still makes me in charge!

Now it's time for Xmas shopping. I've started, have you?


Sush said...

Cute costume! :)

GiGi said...


Marce said...

You look really good, same as Tinkerbell. Can't say the same about your friend in the middle, she looks freaky!
I'm glad to read you had a great night!

Computergirl said...

Love the costumes, you look like sisters! :)Emma (p.s. new follower!)

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