Monday, November 23, 2009


I LOVE this lip gloss. It's Bonnie Bell lip Lites in Cappuccino. Sccastaneda on YT mentioned it was her long time favorite, & when I saw it for $3.50, I was sold.

It's not sticky or gooey. It's very pigmented, but feels light. The smell is a bit strong, French Vanilla, but it fades.

There are 2 things I love most about this.
1. The color of this to me looks like liquid form of Mac Blankety. Smokey light pink.
(L) lip Lites cappuccino (R) Mac Blankety lipstick
2. This sinks into your lips & it's so moisturizing, which a lip gloss really isn't. The staying power is amazing. Your lips feel soft even when the gloss has faded.

Bonnie Bell reminds me of the years when I first started wearing makeup. The first lipstick I bought was, I think by Cover Girl in Ice Blue Pink.

What was your first makeup product you bought?


Princesa Livia said...

This lipgloss sounds like a dream. =) But I can't seem to find Blankety on your swatch.. hmm. I can't remember the first makeup product I bought.. seems too long ago! Probably a face powder by Johnson's. xx

Style Demon said...

Where did you get it from? Sounds amazing.

smiley13tree said...

Wow I've been wanting this since sardun1 talked about it. I can never find it at places other than Walmart and that's too far away )":

Meya said...

loving the color!!

ndoodles said...

First make up I ever EVER bought myself was Milani's lip gloss... can't remember the name anymore but it is discont. Was really pretty though :)

Marce said...

This is gorgeous! I love Bonne Bell lip smackers, they're fantastic!

Belle Du Jour said...

i love bonnie bell! wow throw back! Where can you pick it up now a days?

ladyb said...

I've always loved bonnie bell but I have some how overlooked this color :)

Kate Gene said...

I'm a HUGE Bonne Bell fan, even though I'm pushing thirty! :) Lipsmackers are still my favorite lip conditioner. LOL! I wear it under all of my lipstick and glosses. I haven't ventured out and tried a whole lot of their other products, but might have to now!


Kate Gene

Sara said...

Doll! This was HG since freshman year of highschool! I remember I got all the girls in the 8th grade hooked on it! I havent stopped buying it since! They stopped selling it in drugstores for about a year or so around me - oh I was pissed but when I finally saw it again in Walgreens, I bought like 5!! Adore cheap fabulous products! My first makeup was CG silver eyeshadow and white eyeliner- that was used to line my eye lids- haha...oh never again! :]

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