Monday, November 30, 2009


I have been seeing a lot of Boyfriend/Girlfriend drama around me lately. I am not perfect or in a perfect relationship, but i have been married for a long, long time(over 15 yrs.), so maybe I can give a few tips on what Not to do, so you don't scare your BF/GF away.

1.Don't text him obsessively, no matter how much you want him to talk to you. You look like a clingy/needy person, which to him looks like your a High maintenance person.

2.Don't tell lies weather it's the 1st date or 21st date. You become the untrustworthy liar. All lies come out. You may lose this person if you told a lie early on & now your serious & the lie is exposed.

3. I don't understand how someone tells the other person they want a long term relationship when it's the 1st or 2nd date. He'll run so fast.

4. Don't talk about your EX anything, BF, husband, friend, or boss. You'll look angry or stuck in the past.

5. Don't expect to see him everyday when you first start dating or to talk everyday. Another sign of a clinger or stalker.

6. Don't keep asking why he didn't call or ask you out again, I think you know why.

7. Don't talk on the phone/text while your w/ him. I see people doing this more than actually being on a date.

8. If you have kids, tell them right away. You don't want to keep it a secret because if they don't like kids, they will leave no matter how much they like you.

Most important: Be mysterious, don't be so accessible to him. Don't put all your hopes on a guy you just met. The less expectations you have, the better chance you have of this relationship working.

This is just my opinion on what I've been seeing with all my friends lately & what my advice has been. It doesn't matter if your 18 or 35, I think this is universal.

What is some of your best advice?


Yelena said...

so very true!

Computergirl said...

Words of Wisdom :)Thanks. Emma

Beauty Muse said...

Great tips, and so true. I've been with my fiancee for almost 5 years now. :)

Also, since I know you love to cook, I thought I'd drop a line about my cooking blog if you're interested in checking it out!

GiGi said...

@ beauty muse Love it!

XRocksmama said...

you give good advise :D

Sonya said...

So true Gigi...I'm going to have to refer to these tips once I'm ready to date, which is in A LONG time!

You sound so wise ;)

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