Saturday, November 7, 2009


I got this award from the lovely, sweet, & very supportive Clearly Beautiful! This was so very nice of her & you have to go by & check out her awsome blog! She has great taste & I love what she buys. She has the best DIY masks.

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Seven interesting things about me!

1. I cook a lot for my family, but I love cooking, so it's fun. Every week I look through tons of recipes & I try to cook at least 1 new dish a week.

2. When I get into the shopping mode, I either shop for clothes, makeup, or the house, never everything at one. This can go on for weeks.

3. I wear flats all the time, except when I'm with the hubby.

4. I never betray someones confidence. I think it's the worst thing to do, or be malicious towards someone.

5. Everyone calls me w/their problems & I love to listen, but i don't get that in return.

6. I speak 2 languages, well maybe 3.

7.I come from a huge close-knit family, but when I moved away, I found that I'm not around a lot of people at all. Which makes me sad.

I Give this award to all of these lovely ladies and the great effort they put into their blogs!

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DSK Steph said...

I'm headed back to visit in

BRrrrRRrr! I can't believe I used to have to wake up at the cold and go to school!

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