Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Do you have one of these? Do you know what's inside?
This is my folder of inspiration!
I love magazines, & get a lot of hair, fashion & makeup ideas.  The problem is, I forget what they are. I see so many things that I like , but I  get amnesia when trying to figure out what to do next.  So I pull it all out.  This is my makeup/hair folder.  I love the folder too(walmart). 

Don't get me wrong, I love all the girls of youtube & the bloggers.  This is sometimes easier(or maybe I'm lazy)  beacuse I don't have to have the computer in front of me.  A lot of times I  pull out a pic just for colors, ones that I normally don't use together. I print things from the computer when I find it. 

I also pull out the cute hair idea, or even cuts & color.  When I get my hair done I always take a pic.  I figured out the girl who does my hair doesn't have esp or see the ideas in my head. I hate it when your haircut is wrong.  This way we are on the same page.  Trust me I have looked like Pircilla Presley 1971 more than once!

So what do use for inspirations?

Monday, February 23, 2009

Snowy Mountains in Sunny Cali+Haul

This is what the drive looks like on the way to the Cabazon Outlets. It's a beautiful drive because your in 60 degrees & then you see the snow.
The outlets have all the high end designer stores & also the usual ones.  If you get a chance you have to go, the shopping is great. This is a look at what its like:

And it has a CCO!
It was one of the best CCO's. I found both the Heatherette Tro's & a studio fix-what a find.  The e/s are really pretty, Grand Entrance &  Tete-A-Tint.  They were really stocked up. I wanted more shadows, but the Mac looked too much like the ones I have.  I wish I lived closer to the CCO.
After a long day of shopping, we ended it at the Morongo Casino Buffet. The food was great.  It's a day away vacation. You could shop all day & end it with a great dinner.   
One of my favorite bloggers  Iyah( from As Pink As my Juicy! was here for black friday shopping, I loved her post, she is a true dedicated shopper.

Have any of you been here?

What Better Way to Start-Mac Hello Kitty Haul!

I think we all get that high from the Haul, it's our own therapy.  I bought a few things from the Mac Hello Kitty collection, she is such a cutie. I'm a huge fan of the special packaging Mac puts out with their collections.   I'm sure you've seen tons of pics & swatches, so I won't bore you.           

The packaging is great, there are no stickers.  The colors are pretty & bright.  The quad is a bit chalky though. The colors in general are different than I first expected, some darker or lighter than I thought.  I would recommend swatching everything you want to get before buying.  The lippies are all really pretty.  I think that's all I'm getting from this collection.  I wanted the brush set, but I think its way too much for only 3 brushes. The makeup bag is still a ?, its not a must.  I'm thinking of what collections are coming next.
What do you guys think of the HK  collection?  Was it worth the hype?

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