Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Do you have one of these? Do you know what's inside?
This is my folder of inspiration!
I love magazines, & get a lot of hair, fashion & makeup ideas.  The problem is, I forget what they are. I see so many things that I like , but I  get amnesia when trying to figure out what to do next.  So I pull it all out.  This is my makeup/hair folder.  I love the folder too(walmart). 

Don't get me wrong, I love all the girls of youtube & the bloggers.  This is sometimes easier(or maybe I'm lazy)  beacuse I don't have to have the computer in front of me.  A lot of times I  pull out a pic just for colors, ones that I normally don't use together. I print things from the computer when I find it. 

I also pull out the cute hair idea, or even cuts & color.  When I get my hair done I always take a pic.  I figured out the girl who does my hair doesn't have esp or see the ideas in my head. I hate it when your haircut is wrong.  This way we are on the same page.  Trust me I have looked like Pircilla Presley 1971 more than once!

So what do use for inspirations?


DSKNguyen said...

lol! I just read your bio, CEO/CFO of your household, that's a good one!

GiGi said...

^ thx for my 1st blog comment (:

Iyah said...

awww that is soo cute, you keep some inspirations on a folder :)

I actually have a vid of how I curl my hair on my Youtube page :)

xppinkx said...

hey babe!!!

what a great idea and what a gorge looking folder!!! i love pasily prints! esp. in black and white...1st of *HIGH FIVE* for a white girl having a wok...look at you!!!well to answer your question about what to do with sliced meats that you see in the asian market...we use that meat for what we call shabu...basically an asian type of fondue if you of my favorite and most easiest meals is a link into what SHABU is...also you can use seafood...fresh amazing!!!

here is the link

but you can do so much more with this...and add it water you LOVe too cook in the hot pot...i prefer the noodle choice to be udon!

let me know what you think

Sonya said...

You got the folder at Walmart? It's so cute....

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