Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Hello lovely mamma's & papas, of course! 
So I have been busy planning, organizing, & packing for a trip next week.  I'm so excited because we are heading to New York!!  Yay!!  When I go on trips I don't really like taking my favorite makeup & brushes or jewelry.  Sometimes things go missing between home & the plane & hotel. But I have my certain faves that I love & have been trying to dupe the last couple days with something that's less $$.  That's why I've been posting dupes yesterday & today.

Now this is one of my faves, Viva Glam V.

The color looks the same on the top & bottom right? Well it's not. The bottom is Viva Glam V & the top is Rimmel Airy Fairy. 
Here they are (without flash) L- Airy Fairy R- Viva GlamV
Here they are with flash.  They look exactly the same. Airy Fairy doesn't dry out my lips & is a little more matte, but stays longer.  Don't get me wrong, I love my Mac &  All Viva Glam proceeds go to AIDs research.  With the BOGO's always going on, if Airy Fairy goes missing I'm out a couple $$, rather than $14. 

Can you give me any of your packing tips & tricks? I hate over doing it, & would love some ideas!! Any places to go see in NYC would be so appreciated!

Monday, March 30, 2009


Cost: Mac Creme D' Nude-$14.00
          Revlon  Nude Attitude 001- $7.99

Happy Monday to everyone! No I'm not that chipper, but I'm working on it.  So I have a great find for you.  These 2 lippies are the same color, but the Revlon is 1/2 the price. I bought it BOGO at CVS.  I actually love both of these. Mac Creme D' Nude is one of my faves & so are the cremesheens in general. Revlon is such a great drugstore brand.  I love there whole matte line.

 I can't choose a better one. These 2 are the same color on the lip. In the top pic, Mac looks a little pink, but the swatch color are the same. The revlon is a little more matte, & stays a bit longer. I tried to swatch it on my hand, but it was too nude.   For the price I would buy the Revlon again & again. 

What do you think? What's your fave nude lippie?

Sunday, March 29, 2009


Saturday in SoCal was in the 80's.  It was beautiful & warm.  We decided to head up to Pasadena for some retail therapy.
This is  Art Center College in Pasadena.  It's in the mountains & has amazing views & some of the most talented students. 

Pasadena was packed with people every where.  Hello Miss Tiffany!

It was a perfect day of shopping & eating.  As you know from the previous post, no makeup haulin.  I visited Lush while I was there.  It smelled heavenly. I didn't get anything because I was allergic to a lot of the natural ingredients in the products. I didn't want to take a chance.  Plus it was very pricy. I love the way the shop was set up & the products look like delicious desserts!

What are your experiences with Lush products?


So yesterday I did a little shopping. It was a hot spring day in Cali, so we headed to Pasadena. I was trying to hunt down a MUA at Sephora & when I found one she never stopped walking to look at me, I had to follow her & talk.  At Macy's Estee Lauder counter, the MUA was sitting on a bench behind the counter talking to me.  At Mac, the MUA was swinging between 2 counters & asking people if they need help.  Finally at Chanel the MUA was doing someones makeup while talking about her co-workers.  What's going on with everyone.  You're selling products that cost $$$, but you don't want to help us out a little.  

Is it just me who has noticed this happening?

Friday, March 27, 2009


CONFESSION: I am not buying another Nars Lip Gloss(please no throwing stones)

Cost: $24

Happy Friday Beautiful people!!

I know I hear your gasps!  Well I read thta Kim Kardashian wears Turkish Delight, so of course I thought I would look exactly like her if I wore it too!  When I put it on in the car, I realized I  didn't look like her. I also realized I spent $24 on a not so great product.  It was way too sticky, it had a weird flavor. & was pretty shear.  With all this aside, I stuck with it.

So the other night we went for mexican, & i put on my Nars.  My lips started burning & I thought it was the salsa. Did I mention my Nars smells like plastic.  I put Nars on again the next day,  & realized it wasn't the salsa, it was the lip gloss that was burning my lips.  Sorry to say, Turkish Delight bit the bullet & met the trash.
Sorry if  I upset the Nars lovers, but this is just my story & my opinion.  

Has anyone had this happen to them?

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Cost: $14-21(I'm reading the receipt & don't exactly know which costs what)

So the hubby got back from a business trip to Korea & this is what he brought me.  Hanskin B.b creams.  I asked him to look for some @duty free.  I really wanted to try a BB.
(this is the bag he picked up when he landed @LAX)
I would tell you the colors, but they don't have one. The only thing written in english is the front of the tubes.

So here are the BB swiped on my hand:L-R Magic BB Cream, Premium Magic BB (whitening,wrinkle) & Glossy BB.

I like the idea behind the BB's, whitening & anti-wrinkle. I think that they are very shear with have light coverage. If you want heavier coverage, then you need to use another foundation on top.  I've been trying them w/a MSF & it gives me medium coverage.  They soak right into the skin, but I have combo/oily skin & it feels oily by the middle of the day. The glossy BB reminds of my Stila tinted moisturizer.  This is perfect to mix with foundation for a dewy look, while getting the whitening benefits.
The BB's are a little too light for me.  They look whiter when you put them on.(I'm NC25-30)
They haven't broken me out yet which is good.  Maybe I'll just mix them into darker foundation. 
I really love the benefits of the BB, but not the coverage or color options.  These are my initial thoughts. I will keep you updated on changes. Any opinions/ideas/suggestion would be appreciated!

p.s. Thanks to the hubby for the gift xoxox

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


This was lunch.  Bad, Bad, Bad!
Need I say more.

p.s.  It was sooooooo good!

Monday, March 23, 2009


Happy Monday everyone!  How was your weekend?  Mine was the kind that your busy, but get nothing done.  
So yesterday I stopped by Mac & bought these pan eyeshadows.

Here they are L to R :Grain, Haux, Da Bling, & Arena.
Swatched L to R: Da Bling, Haux, Arena, Grain. 
Da Bling is a really pretty pink, but not too glittery.  Haux is matte a very light brown.  I bought Arena & grain for the lid, inner corner, or highlight.  They are very light, almost the same, but Arena is more gold.  I wanted more neutrals for my everyday.  

I noticed that when I swatch colors at Mac they look a little different when I get them home.  Does anyone notice this?

Saturday, March 21, 2009


This sponge can be bought at Target or Target online.  Target has a sale on her products this week.


I've been looking at buying the pink beauty blender at Sephora, but its been sold out.  I was at Target Thursday & saw this little cutie.  It's also a beauty blender.  It's the same concept as the pink one. I've only used it for a couple of days, but  I like it so far.  You can use it for concealer, foundation & powder.  I will do a full review after I've used it more.

Has anyone tried this? Any good applicatin tips?

Friday, March 20, 2009



I love the new Viva Glam l/s. I saw it yesterday when I was haulin.  I wanted it, but did not get it because my other Viva Glam dries the heck out of my lips.  The regular lippies don't. I swear its a different formulation. 

Does this happen to you?

Also, does anyone know what Mac l/s last on your lips?  I feel mine come off right when I put them on.


Thursday, March 19, 2009

Mac Sugar Sweet Haul

So this is my Sugar Sweet Haul.  I thought I would like so much more, but no.  
I bought Bubbles & Lollipop Loving l/s, Lemon Chiffon & Butternutty s/s, & Perfect Topping MSF.

I liked the Bubbles l/s(L) because I think it will bring out the color of any lip gloss & tone down the color of all my loud lippies I thought I would wear but don't. It's a pure shimmer white. Then Lollipop Loving(R) I skipped on before, so I didn't want to make the same mistake again.
The MA told me that shadesticks are becoming extinct, so pick up all you want now.  All the colors were beautiful,but I picked up Lemon Chiffon(L) & Butternutty(R). I thought these 2 could be worn as a base or on there own for the summer.  Plus both are good highlighters.
It was hard to show you the color of the MSF because it's so light. I think I could have skipped this one since I got the Grand Duos, but it was too pretty. Perfect topping is really perfect because it's not too shiny or sparkly.  The other MSF was to much like Hot Planet Grand duo, but it did show more & could be used as a blush.  

That's it for this collection.  The e/s were just like so many Mac colors I already have, I was bored w/them really.  Is that nuts?  The 3 color glosses were all clear when I tried them. I have too many of those already.

Are you getting anything from this collection?

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Rimmel Stay Matte -Review

Price: $7-8
color: 100 ivory
I love ALL makeup & I am always looking for HG, drugstore or high end. I have wanted to try this since it came out.  I have to say I don't like it.  When I put it on my skin I have totally NO coverage at all.  I have more coverage with my Stila tinted moisturizer. 
Here is what it looks like(L) & blended in(R).  I see no difference on my skin. I have red spots on my T-zone & I applied 3 layers & the redness still showed through.  The only thing it did was oxidize & give my face more redness. I won't repurchase this product.

Monday, March 16, 2009


So these are the goodies from the Sephora sale from a week ago.  I was soooo excited when I saw that brown box waiting for me.  I finally got the Shu eyelash curler, 2 blushes, UDPP in Sin, UD cream e/s, Lorac Snake Charmer palette, & some perfume samples.  I also got a natural face primer from Tarte. I was excited to try this because its all natural & I am in search of a face primer that won't make my skin oily. 
This is the Nars blush duo in Sin & Casino.  I have the Orgasm/Laguna duo, but I like this a lot more.  The round blush is Cargo in Mendocino.  I am really falling in love with the Cargo blushes. They are all so beautiful, with just enough shimmer.  The Lorac palette is perfect for my purse, 4 e/s & a blush.
This are swatches of Sin/Casino(L) & Mendocino(R).  The Sin has more of a mauve undertone, & the Casino is the perfect brown bronzer.
 These are the swatches from the Lorac palette.  This was a great buy(19.99).  These e/s are so smooth.  They remind me of the Stila e/s.  The blush looks like an orange creamsicle w/ a perfect sheen.

Urban Decay cream e/s Midnight Rodeo(L) & UDPP Sin(R).  Both these colors pretty much look the same, but the UDPP in more dense. They  both have a ton of staying power.  These are good to just put on & go. Easy.

So I am happy with everything so far.  Let me know if you want any reviews.
Have you tried any of these products?

Friday, March 13, 2009


So yesterday I ran up to Macy's for the Grand Duos collection.  I am soooo in love with these blushes.  I got Love Rock (R) & Hot Planet(L).
Both of these are just beautiful.  You could wear them as blush & highlight or all can be worn as a blusher by itself.  I got the Hot Planet because if you put  it heavier it could be a good bronzer.  You could even swirl them together.  I feel that the product is amazing & it has great color pay off, you only need a touch.  Also, you have so many combos.  

You really have to see the colors in person.  I went thinking one thing & got another.  I would like to go back & see the others again.

What do you think of them?  Have you tried them out yet?  What other colors are good?

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


So I've decided to make a corner of my room all mine!  This is the inspiration behind it all.

I found it at Home Goods, which is a part of T.J.Maxx.  It was on sale for $50.  When I saw it I was afraid someone was going to pick it up before I could get the cart.  So I pulled it off the high shelf, I'm not that tall, & sat on it.  I called my hubby on the cell & told him to bring the cart.  I tried to carry it, but it was too heavy.  So now I'm decorating around this piece.  I will post pics as I get more things.

What do you think?

Monday, March 9, 2009

Laura Geller Blush n Brighton-Review

This is a baked blush thats made to make your skin glow.

Color: Pink Grapferuit

I bought this at Sephora,  hesitated because of the price tag.  It costs more than Mac's MSF's, but I love it.
This is the blush I reach for almost everyday.  The one thing I am not so thrilled about is the packaging.  It too cheap for an expensive product.

Look at all the colors. There are lighter & darker pinks, mauve, & peach.  There is not a lot of glitter, just the perfect shine.

On the left I swatched it 3x's  & on the right 1x.  With the MSF, I feel that its more shine than color, but with this it could be a blush or a highlight.  It goes on easily & sinks into the skin. They are permanent & come in a range of colors.

I want to try some other Laura Geller products.  I love this so much.  

Are there any suggestions?

Sunday, March 8, 2009



CONFESSION: If the packaging looks interesting or pretty, I buy it even if I won't use it.

This past week i have been decorating my makeup area. I'll show you gals what I did when its done. So, I was at Target scouting out a new desk, & instead I found these.  They are a brush set from Sonia Kashuk limited edition  with a bag for $19.99. 
There is a sm. & large e/s brush,a blending brush, liner, powder brush, & lip brush.  I wanted to get the blending brush because I have heard the yt gurus say that it was really good.  The brushes are really soft & I'll do a review when I have used them more.

What do you think of the coral handles?  They look heavy, but they're really light. I'm not sure what to think of them. 

Look at how pretty the makeup bag is!  It's got the coral on too.  The bag is vinyl so you could could wipe it clean.

All the brushes fit inside, with  a lot of room to spare.  I was thinking of using them as travel brushes, but I think the airlines won't let me get pass security with them.  They may think they're weapons.

So what is your impression of them.  Have you tried Sonia Kashuk brushes & which ones are good?

Friday, March 6, 2009



There is a Sephora Sale that ends March 7, 2009.  15% off your entire order.  CODE:J89LM

Did anyone order anything? I'm ordering today, but I want to check my Sephora out later on. 

Thursday, March 5, 2009

STILA / Beautycrunch.com Haul

I am so excited because it is Haul time again.  I placed my order on Sunday & got it 3 days later. Thank you Beautycrunch.  They had a Stila sale a couple of weeks ago, but I was to slow.  Everything I liked was gone.  So, no time was wasted putting that order in.

 Here it is out of the bubble wrap & box.

Lip Glaze-mango(6.00)
Mandarin Mist perfume(10.80)
Smokey Eye Talking Palette(12.00)
The Runway Look Fall Fashion 
Holiday 08 Set (12.00)

This is the Talking Smokey Eye Palette.  I confess 2 things.  First, I bought it because I did not have Kitten & it is one of the colors. Second, it in the Korean language ,& I do not understand a thing.  But, I got Kitten! (Kitten alone is $18) 

I absolutely love this palette. I love the way it looks & the colors are smooth.  You could use this for a daytime or night look.  The rose can be used as ribbon or necklace.  It also came w/the kajal liner, which is really creamy & good for smudging.


This is the best deal of the lot.  If bought separately its $130.00.  It was an Ulta special for $40, & I got it for $12.  It has 2 shadows, liner, pink cheek color, blk. mascara, lip glaze, & tinted moisturizer.  I haven't tried the mascara or moisturizer yet.  I can not believe all I got for $12.

Finally, I bought the lip glaze in Mango.  I am not a huge fan of the twisty part because I always twist too much.    Also not pictured was the Mandarin Mist.  It smells so fresh & light.  Perfect for anyone who does not like overpowering smells. I love everything I got.  The e/s are amazing &  I think I got the best deals.  

If you have a haul, share it too.  Let me know if anything needs to be swatched.  What is your favorite Stila product? 

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I love watching these on youtube, and I always wanted to do one!  So why not on the Blog where so many people don't do youtube, but still want to share.

So this is my Fafi makeup case from the CCO(12.95).

I love it because it holds so many things.  I could get what I want without taking everything out because its see-through.

This is what's in my makeup bag:
Eyes: UD 24/7(zero)tweezers,Almay 16hr.liner(brown),E.L.F.(drama)Maybelline(sunlit bronze)

Face: Maybelline Purestay Powder Foundation(nude),Milani Blush(sweet rose), CS buffer                     brush(for powder/blush)

Lips: C.O. Bigelow(ultra mentha lip shine), Mac lippies(1N, Viva Glam V, Hue)                                         Dazzleglass(baby sparks), Jordana lip liner(nude)

Most of these are Drugstore brands that work just as good as my high-end.  I can acheive any look with these colors/retouch/go from day to night.  They are dupes for the colors I don't want to break or lose.  Except for the lippies, I have to have my favorite with me!

So let me see what's in your makeup bag-Tag your it!  
Comment me when you put it up.

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