Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I love watching these on youtube, and I always wanted to do one!  So why not on the Blog where so many people don't do youtube, but still want to share.

So this is my Fafi makeup case from the CCO(12.95).

I love it because it holds so many things.  I could get what I want without taking everything out because its see-through.

This is what's in my makeup bag:
Eyes: UD 24/7(zero)tweezers,Almay 16hr.liner(brown),E.L.F.(drama)Maybelline(sunlit bronze)

Face: Maybelline Purestay Powder Foundation(nude),Milani Blush(sweet rose), CS buffer                     brush(for powder/blush)

Lips: C.O. Bigelow(ultra mentha lip shine), Mac lippies(1N, Viva Glam V, Hue)                                         Dazzleglass(baby sparks), Jordana lip liner(nude)

Most of these are Drugstore brands that work just as good as my high-end.  I can acheive any look with these colors/retouch/go from day to night.  They are dupes for the colors I don't want to break or lose.  Except for the lippies, I have to have my favorite with me!

So let me see what's in your makeup bag-Tag your it!  
Comment me when you put it up.

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Katrina said...

i must say that this is my favorite makeup bag. i just love the fact that it is clear!! UR LUCKY U GOT IT FOR THAT PRICE!! i had to pay $25 , which is too expensive for a makeup bag...hehehee

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