Thursday, March 19, 2009

Mac Sugar Sweet Haul

So this is my Sugar Sweet Haul.  I thought I would like so much more, but no.  
I bought Bubbles & Lollipop Loving l/s, Lemon Chiffon & Butternutty s/s, & Perfect Topping MSF.

I liked the Bubbles l/s(L) because I think it will bring out the color of any lip gloss & tone down the color of all my loud lippies I thought I would wear but don't. It's a pure shimmer white. Then Lollipop Loving(R) I skipped on before, so I didn't want to make the same mistake again.
The MA told me that shadesticks are becoming extinct, so pick up all you want now.  All the colors were beautiful,but I picked up Lemon Chiffon(L) & Butternutty(R). I thought these 2 could be worn as a base or on there own for the summer.  Plus both are good highlighters.
It was hard to show you the color of the MSF because it's so light. I think I could have skipped this one since I got the Grand Duos, but it was too pretty. Perfect topping is really perfect because it's not too shiny or sparkly.  The other MSF was to much like Hot Planet Grand duo, but it did show more & could be used as a blush.  

That's it for this collection.  The e/s were just like so many Mac colors I already have, I was bored w/them really.  Is that nuts?  The 3 color glosses were all clear when I tried them. I have too many of those already.

Are you getting anything from this collection?


Anna said...

Amazing haul! i just put in my order for Sugarsweet today! I can't wait to get it!

I don't know which one she used... I was so taken aback after she said rimmel that i forgot to ask which one!

Anastacia said...

Very nice haul!!! Lip stuffs looks great!!

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