Friday, March 27, 2009


CONFESSION: I am not buying another Nars Lip Gloss(please no throwing stones)

Cost: $24

Happy Friday Beautiful people!!

I know I hear your gasps!  Well I read thta Kim Kardashian wears Turkish Delight, so of course I thought I would look exactly like her if I wore it too!  When I put it on in the car, I realized I  didn't look like her. I also realized I spent $24 on a not so great product.  It was way too sticky, it had a weird flavor. & was pretty shear.  With all this aside, I stuck with it.

So the other night we went for mexican, & i put on my Nars.  My lips started burning & I thought it was the salsa. Did I mention my Nars smells like plastic.  I put Nars on again the next day,  & realized it wasn't the salsa, it was the lip gloss that was burning my lips.  Sorry to say, Turkish Delight bit the bullet & met the trash.
Sorry if  I upset the Nars lovers, but this is just my story & my opinion.  

Has anyone had this happen to them?


Sonya said...

Hey hon. First, I want to say $24 is sooo expensive for a lipgloss, but I do have to admit NARS makes some killer products...if I had all the loot in the world, I'd get NARS. LOL. Anyways about the photos coming up clear, I found this blog that gave some really useful advice. But pretty much you want to use macro, have good lighting, and don't use your flash. I have a Canon Elph and those are super easy to use...

Cris said...

That's scary :o...Maybe you're allergic? Thanks for the info though, I'd definitely be careful with that brand from now on.

Iyah said...

Very popular lippie from Nars! :) I never get to like it too because it looks too pale on me :(

Sonya said...

My NARS Orgasm l/g doesn't stink, but it's sticky I tossed it out.

Yas said...

Poor thing! OMG! I'm guessing that you may be allergic to something in it too. I still love that gloss...not for its smell or taste but because it rocks over my fav lipsticks because it is somewhat sheer. If you loved the color but hate the formulation, you can always try MAC Underage although that one is thicker & I find a bit more milky. Worst thing about NARS glosses is that I find that they go bad quicker than my other glosses. Sorry this didn't work out for you sweety. Burning is no good!

Gladys Lopez said...

i love nars eyeshadow and blush, but i guess the lipgloss isn't great for you. it was really smart to just throw it away.

supervillain said...

Aww. I like turkish delight. It does smell plastic-y though. Sorry you had an allergic reaction to it.


i agree! i didn't buy but tried it at sephora and hated it. didn't really see what was the whole commotion about that lipgloss. just because its worn by kim k? cmon now...that's just jumping on the bandwagon. i will never spend that much money on l/g. no staying power whatsoever.

Saimaaaaaa said...

i adore my turkish delight.
thankfully my mom works at a spa and i beg her to buy it for me every 3 months! lol
but back to the point,
if u have naturally pink lips it doesnt really do much
but if you have tan lips it does wonders!
or u can put MAC Angel lipstick underneath.
ahhh! i love my t.delight :)

Shonte said...

I bought Turkish Delight too...and I was horrified at how horrible it was! It was pure trash!!! If I knew I was going to waste $24, I would have bought 2 lipglasses at MAC! I threw mine away too hun.

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