Monday, March 23, 2009


Happy Monday everyone!  How was your weekend?  Mine was the kind that your busy, but get nothing done.  
So yesterday I stopped by Mac & bought these pan eyeshadows.

Here they are L to R :Grain, Haux, Da Bling, & Arena.
Swatched L to R: Da Bling, Haux, Arena, Grain. 
Da Bling is a really pretty pink, but not too glittery.  Haux is matte a very light brown.  I bought Arena & grain for the lid, inner corner, or highlight.  They are very light, almost the same, but Arena is more gold.  I wanted more neutrals for my everyday.  

I noticed that when I swatch colors at Mac they look a little different when I get them home.  Does anyone notice this?


Anonymous said...

Someone in a video on youtube said it was because at the store people usually swatch with their fingers, and overtime the oil seeps into the product making it more pigmented.

I forgot who said it, a popular blogger. She was talking about why she doesn't like NYX.

/random post

Anna said...

i think it's cuz of the oil thing too. btw, is haux pronounced "ho"? like "dem hoes" ho?

i will laugh if it is


oh da bling e/s is gorgeous. i've been wanting that for a while now

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