Sunday, March 29, 2009


Saturday in SoCal was in the 80's.  It was beautiful & warm.  We decided to head up to Pasadena for some retail therapy.
This is  Art Center College in Pasadena.  It's in the mountains & has amazing views & some of the most talented students. 

Pasadena was packed with people every where.  Hello Miss Tiffany!

It was a perfect day of shopping & eating.  As you know from the previous post, no makeup haulin.  I visited Lush while I was there.  It smelled heavenly. I didn't get anything because I was allergic to a lot of the natural ingredients in the products. I didn't want to take a chance.  Plus it was very pricy. I love the way the shop was set up & the products look like delicious desserts!

What are your experiences with Lush products?


Anna said...

wow socal looks definitely snowed here today :0(. i have been meaning to try lush out but i dont' have a bath right now and i don't know how i feel about paying exorbitantly for soap that expires...please do a review though!

Yas said...

Yay for Pasadena! Love shopping and just hanging out there. I'm just so glad you got to enjoy the beautiful weather & take a little day trip sweety!

♥Aubrey said...

Oh what a lovely day!!! Nothing better than some retail therapy. I am allergic to a lot of products as well. No soap for my skin...Only water. ~I feel your pain girlie~ Lovely blog.

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