Tuesday, March 3, 2009

IN and OUT

So I love reading LOLLIPOP26's blog.  She started doing "In & Out", which got me to thinking my ins & outs.  So here goes:

1. obsessing about makeup- I wake up & think what is on my list of to-do's & this always includes what makeup I need to order, when is the last day of free shipping, or the last day of the offer.  In the morning it's about what shadows to wear today or blush.  When is the new Mac collection is coming out & what colors I like.
2. spring cleaning- I started getting rid of clothes I haven't touched in a while. Doesn't matter what season. This will make me  feel better for spring clothes that need to be bought.

3. cooking light meals-I love cooking all the hearty meals in the winter, but spring/summer are around the corner.  So, its time to look at healthy recipes.

4. my CS 56 palette(review coming) I've had this forever, but brought it back out because I was looking for a pretty pink.  I have used it everyday this past week.
1. obsessing about makeup- I think it's one of my love/hate relationships.  I wish I could just enjoy myself, but I feel guilty spending so much time thinking about this. 

2. boots- It's been very warm in Cali, sunny & 70-80's.  I had a pedi & I am ready to put away the boots & take out the flip flops& open toe shoes.

3. hibernating- even though Cali isn't as cold/snowy as other parts, everyone is still hiding out for the winter.  I want to invite people over & eat/drink & get out of this slump!

I hope you make a list too, I would love to know what your ins & outs are.  Maybe we have things in common.

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Sarah Bella said...

Thanks so much for subbing to my videos!!
I love your blog. I'm going to have fun reading it. You have LOTS of great stuff!!:)

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