Monday, March 9, 2009

Laura Geller Blush n Brighton-Review

This is a baked blush thats made to make your skin glow.

Color: Pink Grapferuit

I bought this at Sephora,  hesitated because of the price tag.  It costs more than Mac's MSF's, but I love it.
This is the blush I reach for almost everyday.  The one thing I am not so thrilled about is the packaging.  It too cheap for an expensive product.

Look at all the colors. There are lighter & darker pinks, mauve, & peach.  There is not a lot of glitter, just the perfect shine.

On the left I swatched it 3x's  & on the right 1x.  With the MSF, I feel that its more shine than color, but with this it could be a blush or a highlight.  It goes on easily & sinks into the skin. They are permanent & come in a range of colors.

I want to try some other Laura Geller products.  I love this so much.  

Are there any suggestions?


Sonya K. said...

I really like the Laura Geller baked blushes. They go on really smooth, because of the silicon. I haven't tried much of her other products, and I don't really plan on it. Have you tried her spackle??

smiley13tree said...

I remember seeing this and I thought it was so pretty! ): yeah i don't like the packaging either.

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