Saturday, August 14, 2010


I have worn these for a while now and I still don't know how good they work.  

The first day I wore them, my calves felt tighter or achy in the morning.  The next couple of days I didn't feel tightness, but I started getting a pain in my lower back.  A few days later, the pain went into the back of my legs.  Now the pain I was feeling wasn't a work out stretch in the legs, but leg and lower back aches.  I decided to leave them alone for  a while.

I went back to them a couple of weeks later, and the same thing happened.  I haven't worn them since.  I think the heel is too hard.  I was at a store where they sold knock-offs and I asked what the feed back was on them.  The sales person said they reviews were 50/50.  Love em or hate em.

My conclusion is the same.  Some people swear by them, I don't.  My back and legs hurt and that out weighs how tone my legs would get.   I think walking around in comfortable wedge heals will give you better results.

Have you tried the Shape-Ups?  Do yo think they work or heard they do?


KRYSTAL said...

i have the reebok easytones and im in love with them!

edk.dolce said...

I don't like the Sketchers @ all. My mother in law has a white pair and I have worn them plenty of times & seen no change.

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