Thursday, September 23, 2010

MY NEW HAIR ROUTINE - drugstore products

I noticed the hair for fall is really messy, beachy waves or curls.  My hair is really course and wavy/curly, but I needed a little help to relax the curls. 

 I have been using the New Dove shampoo and conditioner in intense therapy.  Using these alone and I really don't need any other products.  My hair becomes super soft and manageable.  I also recently tried using Johnson's baby shampoo.  You don't get much of a lather, but it leaves your hair super soft too.  I feel like it's lighter and a more natural product.  I love all of Johnson's & Johnson products.  They have come out with an organic line too.  I figure if it's good for babies delicate skin, it's good for ours.

The only 2 products I really use after I wash my hair are heat protectant and Biosilk serum.  If I want my waves to be really relaxed I'll use Biosilk.

I either use the conical iron or 1 inch curling iron.  My favorite comb, the teasing comb from Sally's.

What I Do
I wash my hair and put in some Biosilk.  I let it air dry completely.  Then I take either the curling iron or conical and and take small random pieces and curl them.  It's not a perfect or even curl.  Then I take my little comb and tease it, but not just underneath, but on top too.

I am using less heat because I'm not drying or flat ironing my hair.  I just curl a few pieces.  Best of all it's really easy and effortless.  The hair products are inexpensive.  My hair feels better and I am working with my natural texture.

What are you doing differently with your hair? have you found a great drugstore hair product?


Rose said...

I wonder if the Dove line would work on my dyed hair.

Elizabeth Yong said...

Glad to hear you love BioSilk, however it should not be available in your local drugstore, but from salons and chain salons such as Ulta, JCPenney, etc. Genuine CHI and BioSilk products are guaranteed only when purchased thru authorized retailers. :)

GiGi said...

@Elizabeth really, I'll have to check on that.

Stavroula said...

I love Johnson's Baby Shampoo too, it's mild and it leaves my hair nice and soft! :)

Anonymous said...

Great post which do you prefer the conical iron or 1 inch curling iron?

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