Sunday, May 17, 2009


COST: $28

I've been using this for a week & I wanted to give you my thoughts. If you are a lip balm, chapstick lover, this is great to try. For the rest of us, it's a pass.  The balm is really thick, has a mild taste, soft, & it's not too glossy.  But for $28, my lips should be moisturized & not peeling. It changes color to each persons lips.  The color comes out pink-a soft cherry. If you have chapped lips it will look different on each part of your lip. 

This is my bare lip after 5 days of use. I used it alone & on top of my lippies.  See the lower lip is dry.
This is with the Dior Balm. Pretty, but I think Carmex works better.
So, I would not repurchase. I would expect any lip product that cost $28 to be AMAZING for you.  I was at Sephora yesterday & wished I would have purchased any of the other Dior  lippies that were cheaper & so much more beautiful, than this! 
What is a great lip conditioner. Which Dior lip products stay on longest? 


iambeautiful20 said...

this product is way too expensive for me lol. I used carmex and i love it. It works just great on my lips!

smiley13tree said...

Maybe you could return it if you don't like it? Sephora makes it so convenient. Pixiwoo made it sound so great, but I also tried it and felt that it was just average.

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