Sunday, May 17, 2009


Happy Sunday everyone. Before I show you the haul, I wanted to let you know I posted a Dior Lip Balm review. I had to repost it today(I had problems with posting) so check it out after this post. There were questions on it.

Now the haul!
You know that I'm really critical when it comes to makeup(since it's not cheap), so I have to tell I LOVE the Shady Lady eyeshadows. It was $32 & worth every penny. Go check this out. I'm going to do a whole review on this. I got the Bad Girl lash as a freebie, can't wait to try it!
I also stopped at Sally's for the Batiste dry shampoo & got this pretty lipstick pencil for $1.99. I love bargains. The tropical coconut is a blue lip gloss($1).  My favorite is the mineral powder because its not a loose powder & it gives a beautiful glow w/no glitters.(12.99)

I'm going away at the end of the week, which means planning & packing, ugh! I'm going to try to pack the least amount of makeup as I can(of course I'll have to show you). The best part, we're going to Palm Springs which means a really good CCO stop on the way. YAY!!

Let me know if you want reviews, pics, swatches, of anything! Is the Balm line any good? What's good? 


Sarah said...

you're going to loveee bad gal lash! i use it every day and have re-purchased it over and over again :) hope you enjoy it as much as i do haha

Tali said...

HELLLOOOO HAul! Great stuff I really want to try one of those dry shampoos.. i still dot quite believe they work!!

smiley13tree said...

Oh, tell us what you pack! :D Everyone loves that palette and I want it too. My favorite concealer is from theBalm, but I don't like their tinted moisturizer. It's such a underrated brand though.

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