Wednesday, May 13, 2009


So I found something interesting at Forever 21, eyeshadow. Look how pretty!!

They were the register for only$2.80. They had more colors, but I wanted to see if they were even pigmented first, & they are. They are really soft, but a bit powdery. I can live with it.
This dress was $19. I love the detail in he back!  I'm going to pair it up with all my colorful jewelry & belts for summer.
And finally, this little skinny watchband belt($10). I think it will work with everything.
I'm getting the summer bug, not ready for the bathing suit just yet though! 
What is your favorite summer style?  What's your latest summer purchase?


Karen said...

the eyes shadows are soo glittery i love em; what other colors did they have?!

i love that store they have great dresses; and im loving yours!

AbcGrrrL said...

OMG, the dress is so cute!

tiff said...

Cute dress and I love that belt. My favorite summer clothing would be sundresses. Dresses are so much comfier than jeans when it's extremely hot.

makeupper said...

Those eyeshadows look pretty cool! And that dress is sooo cute, I love it!

XRocksmama said...

Love the dress you pick, so pretty!

GiGi said...

Thanks Girls! I can't wait to wear the dress for date night w/the hubby!

mzkrystall said...

wow those eyeshadows are nice and, yeah i freaked out too when i saw the art deco la color polishes at forever 21. lol

JulieMua said...

The eyeshadow looks beautiful! love the dress! I can't wait to get skinny and go shopping for skinny clothes! lol
How old is your Chloe? I love the name Chloe my son goes it sounds like a cat's name..heheh love your blog<3

Iyah said...

great finds! they look very pigmented! :)

BTw, the dame edna was from Ontario. I havent been to the block for long time :P

X3MZSHAR said...

great haul!! *new follower

JulieMua said...

Thanks hunn,
I know what you mean, I live in Fl and it's sunny all year round and I'm out doors a lot.
I use a lot of moisturizers with spf, The one from mac is good. I use this one product on her from mac its call like line fuller or something I have to go threw my makeup and I will def let you know.
I hate my laugh line, I feel like it makes me look so old lol
Do you use fix + water ? I love that stuff leaves your face so refresh and full feeling. I got my mom so hook on it.
you should def try it! If you haven't already done so =)

Dallas Shaw said...

great belt!


SwatchCrazee said...

Thanks for the bday greeting hun! how cute is that dress! i love detail!

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