Thursday, February 18, 2010


This collection is really pretty.  I think it's maybe because I'm in live with purples this month.  

I never buy back ups, ever, but I think I will this blush.  

Azalea Blossom 

It gradiates from a pink to a purple, but the color comes out thus beautiful smooth pink.  I don't know why, but whenever I get those blush with the mosaics or stripes, I always blotch it up when putting it on.  This blends and it's really smooth on the face.

Colour Quad 3

Love it also.  The only color that doesn't show a lot is the Mink Pink.  I have been using this everyday.  The colors are all usable.  They all work together for a day/night look.

There are so many products in these collection.  I got confused.  

What I think:

Lipstick/Lipglass- The colors are pretty, but the nudes are too dull & don't show up on my lips.  I'm not buying any lipgloss/glass I hardly wear them, but pretty colors.

Blush- All are very pigmented, but the only other one I would think of getting is Springshine, light peach.
The darker purple & peach look dirt when you put them one.

Quads- Both are pretty and worth getting

Single Eyeshadows- Not pigmented enough & dry

Pigments- I'm not a fan of pigments, but I would get these.  So rich, smooth, & creamy.  Both sets are great.

I don't know if I'll get anything else, maybe the blush in Springshine.  I got a kit that I may think would be great dupes for this collection. I'll have to take some pictures and you will have to let me know.  

What did you get or think of the collection? 
What do you have back-up products of?


sternchenslove said...

This blush is the only item that stands on my wishlist from this collection.

Zerin said...
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Zerin said...

Nice Haul! I wanted one of the ombres but passed because of the Do you know any products that is similar to the pink ombre that you got? Thanks. I might try to get it later if it ever hits a warehouse sale.

EveryDay Makeup (becky) said...

hey i agree with you on those mosaic blushes. to me, it comes out a bit chalky looking on my cheeks like its unnatural ugh!

the color of the blush is so pretty. i don't have anything similar to it.

CHARRY said...

Nice! i wanted to try the blush too :)

CHARRY said...

Nice! i wanted to try the blush too :)

Anonymous said...

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jassica said...

I too want to try the Blush.

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