Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Since I cheated on my stylist and started doing my color at home, I thought this brush/color bottle would be easy and less messy.

Well, it was the stupidest thing I bought. 

It $4.50 at Sally's, which OK didn't kill me, but it doesn't work.  The bristles on the brush don't separate or even comb the hair.  That pick/separator just broke off and flew across the floor. The bottle is too big too.  I use 2  bottles of color, & it was hard to squeeze the product out.

I put the color in, flipped it over and nothing, a splatter of color blobbed on my head. I put the color back in the original bottle and tossed this right in the trash.

I was hoping for a comb color bottle, like Loreal has. 

What do you use to put the color in without a mess?  Are there any other bottles or products that comb in the color?  Tips? 


Stephanie said...

Ugh yeah those things never work! I usually use the Loreal one that has the brush but sometimes that one can be hard to use too. What I do is put the color on all over your hair. Then with a plastic wide tooth comb, comb it though your hair. Make sure its plastic and wide tooth so its easier to clean. Should work a lot better :)

Hope this helps you! Keep me updated! :D

Golden Stilettos said...

At least you tried it.. because if you didn't you'd always wonder if it worked!

Now your able to tell the world to stay away from this ridiculous product! lol

I wish I had suggestions but my hairdresser takes care of it all for me.

Anonymous said...

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Heather said...

Good thing it was only $4.50! :)


EveryDay Makeup (becky) said...

it looks like something i would buy lol.

sorry to hear it didnt work.

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