Saturday, March 13, 2010


I am on the hunt for a setting powder.  I have the Mac Studio Fix powder, but it's so, so.  I bought the Maybelline Dream Matte powder on a BoGO, and really don't like it at all.

-No coverage at all
-Doesn't mattify the face
-Looks shiny which turns out to look oily, then be oily
-Doesn't apply evenly
-Very powdery, powder everywhere when you put a brush into it

So, I am back on the hunt.  I really think powder is one of those things you could find in a drugstore brand.  I want something that could be a setting powder with a light hand or just a powder foundation with the right brush.  

Any thoughts or suggestions?  

What's are your is your drugstore product that you will never buy high end?


glossaddict said...

I've tried a zillion mascaras, high-end and drugstore but I always buy drugstore...I love Maybelline's colossal mascara. It works just as well for me as anything else.

DSK Steph said...

Have you tried the MAC Mineralized Skin Finish Powder? Or the MAC Blot Powder? Those work for me better than the Dream Matte

MeiBelle said...

I've heard the MAC skin finish does wonders =)

leslielovesmakeup said...

that's so odd, i love dream matte! it keeps my face matte all day without having any touch ups and i'm on the oily side. ..maybe you got one of the bad batches..haha but yeah i can apply this on top of my revlon colorstay and it won't look cakey at all. every product does work differently on everyone.

i have the mac mineralized skinfinish and it keeps me matte for a bit, there's no shine at all to it. my only problem with it is that it clogs my pores which breaks me out :( but it might work for you, it's worth a shot since you're out on a hunt for a powder.

if you want something a bit cheaper, physician's formula with the talc-free is wonderful. i used to use it for years until i found dream matte. the PF made my skin look smoothe.

GiGi said...

I have tried the Mac MSF, but it broke me out. I haven't tried the PF, that sounds good too.

♥Aubrey said...

I use MAC too :)))
Have you tried using vaseline underneath your make-up? It's all i use and haven't broken out in years. Weird i know...but it works.

P.S. Thank you for the thoughts & prayers for my little man.

Elisa said...

My hands-down, HG, would-sob-hysterically-if-ever-discontinued drugstore product is definitely Maybelline Full N Soft waterproof mascara. I've use it since high school and even though I occasionally stray, I come crawling back.

Anonymous said...

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nikita said...

Strange that Dream Matte didn't keep the shine away for you. I bought mine from Big Lots for $1.50 and was amazed at how well this kept my face from being oily. I have super oily skin as I live in the South where it's humid.

Today, I applied it just to keep my face from getting shiny (no foundation at all) and it kept the shine at bay for 8 hours!

Bedalyz said...

I love this Maybelline matte powder, but I have to say, I don't apply it with a brush: I use a puff and it made all the difference. My face looks velvety soft for hours. So maybe that's an option if you still have the powder? It is now one of my staples--and that's saying much since I'm faithful to no one. XD

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