Saturday, August 29, 2009



I have had time to spend with my clipless or conical or Enzo Milano dupe curling iron. The curls really do come out beautiful. It's easy & fast. I watched a bunch of YT demo's for different curling ideas. The 2 things you need to do are to use your heat protector glove & use a heat protector for your hair. The iron gets super hot.

I bought it from Amazon. They have different sizes & shapes.

This is my hair from the side. I have long layers in the back. I don't hold my end on the iron because I'm afraid it will give me split ends, & I have enough of those. I don't hold the iron at the root either. i section off my hair & start 1-2 inches from the root.
This is a closer look.
This is what the curl looks like on medium 1 length hair.
The curl lasts a long time. More than 24hrs. for me. I do love it. As of now the other curling irons are put away.

What are your experiences with the curling iron? What is a really good heat protector? I'm not loving the Chi.


ClassyDea66 said...

What brand is it! i've been on a hunt for a clamp/clipless iron but i haven't had any luck!

Macalicious said...

So pretty, your hair looks so shiny too.

Anonymous said...

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